mother denied due process, handcuffed and jailed in court abandoning child in courtroom ..Horrendous Bucks County case --


this is the FATHERHOOD PROGRAMs it is not about fatherhood or families- it is genocide against battered women and abused children.. it is POWER and CONTROL full throttle-

posting as it HAS NOT CHANGED!!

Horrendous Bucks County case -- mother denied due process/ went to jail on contempt based on husband's unsupported allegations of visitation violation. Mother led away in handcuffs while child left abandoned in court room.

Mother languished in jail for 90 days, then won on appeal after her release. Mother's sister claims to have heard the judge state" something to the effect of "This isn't doe county -- this is Buck's county." See cite below:

Ingebrethsen v. Ingebrethsen, 443 Pa.Super. 256, 661 A.2d 403 (1995), the Superior Court, per Judge Hoffman, refused to dismiss as moot an appeal from an indirect criminal contempt order, even though the alleged contemnor had already served the ninety day sentence, because of the trial court's egregious denial of procedural due process.

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