Women more likely to be arrested for domestic violence, research finds


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New research published by the Violence Against Women Research Group at the University of Bristol

Women perpetrators of domestic violence are three times more likely to be arrested than male perpetrators according to recently published research from Professor Marianne Hester of the University of Bristol. The research, titled "Who Does What to Whom? Gender and Domestic Violence Perpetrators", reveals that over a six year period male perpetrators were arrested in every ten incidents while women perpetrators were arrested in every three incidents.

The findings were based on a studies of 96 cases reported by the Northumbrian police, divided equally between cases involving male perpetrators, female perpetrators and incidents where both genders were perpetrators. The report also concluded that

  • A vastly greater number of incidents were attributed to men, as either sole or dual perpetrators.
  • The number of women recorded or arrested as domestic violence perpetrators had increased slightly over time.
  • Cases where men and women were both recorded as perpetrators were more varied than those involving sole perpetrators, and included the largest number of repeat incidents.
  • The majority of the perpetrators appeared to abuse alcohol to some degree, especially men, and more often in cases involving dual perpetrators. Abuse of alcohol was also more likely to lead to arrest.
  • Children were present in the majority of incidents, and some incidents were related to child contact.
  • Women were more likely to use weapons, and often in order to protect themselves.

The research was funded by the Northern Rock Foundation so the full report can be found on their website here.

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