Indiana Man Has Seven Children by Raping Little Sister When He Got Custody of Her


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Indiana Man Has Seven Children by Raping Little Sister When He Got Custody of Her

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Ewwwwwwwwwwww.  Another Josef Fritzl?  From the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

7 counts of incest admitted
Man facing 35 years for sexual abuse of half sister
by Rebecca S. Green, The Journal Gazette

Donald Medsker

Donald Medsker

Seven times Monday morning, Allen Superior Judge Fran Gull asked Donald Medsker whether he was guilty of having sex with his half sister.  Seven times, Medsker answered, “Guilty, your honor.”

Medsker, a 46-year-old former city parks employee, was charged in February with seven felony counts of incest and one misdemeanor charge of child solicitation involving his half sister. The crimes began when the now 31-year-old woman was 14. 

According to the terms of the plea agreement, Medsker faces up to 35 years in prison when he is sentenced in October. 

At times during the hearing Monday, Medsker seemed to need his lawyer’s encouragement or permission to answer questions, particularly those that dealt with the specifics of the crimes: that he repeatedly had sex with the woman over a 16-year period. 

During that time, he impregnated her seven times. Two of the children were given up for adoption. Medsker’s half sister raised the other five children until they were removed from her home Feb. 13 by the Department of Child Services and placed in foster care. 

Medsker obtained custody of his half sister when she was 10 years old after their mother died and her aunt was no longer able to care for her. Even before then, court records allege, she was abused – by her father. In an interview with The Journal Gazette in February, the woman said her father drank himself to death when she was 9. 

Court documents allege she also suffered physical abuse – first by Medsker’s former wife, though no charges were ever filed, and then by Medsker himself. 

According to court documents, Medsker forced the pregnant 14-year-old to drop out of school, though the woman later said in an interview she quit school on her own. 

Medsker was arrested in February and initially released on bond. But he was re-arrested a week later and charged with invasion of privacy after he contacted his half sister, in spite of a court order to stay away. Prosecutors again charged him with invasion of privacy in May after he contacted her again, this time through a letter. 

According to court records, Medsker was accused of violating protective orders involving the woman repeatedly over the years, even picking up a felony conviction in August 2008. He was out on probation on that case when he was arrested on the incest charges. None of the three invasion of privacy cases has been resolved. 

When contacted at her home Monday afternoon, the woman declined to comment on the case. It did not appear her children have been returned to her.

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