Kansas Domestic Violence Victims BEWARE-There is no JUSTICE for You!


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Media 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000

Claudine Dombrowski Case No. 96-D-217 Shawnee County Courts Topeka, KS

2001 Original Website: Nine years later, -justice still has not risen her head, indeed, continued abuse, punishment, coercion, control and torture continues....

A Childs Rights Association

Is Lobbying for the 'Protective Parent Act' in Kansas, this act will help protect abused children rights and the rights of the non-offending parent.

Patriotic Thunder-KS Local Issues Kansas Judges -what we heard absolutely disgusted us about them. Common sense says if you rape a little girl or beat the hell out of your wife you shall get punished for that in a severe matter.  However, the law states otherwise, and the list of outrage goes on.....


Sentencing guidelines a hot topic at the Statehouse - 49abcnews.com Activist and family violence victim herself, Claudine Dombrowski,joined members of the community as they discussed, along with representative Joe Patton, ...


Kansas Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence Supports Justice for Mothers-Mother's Day lawsuit. A case from Kansas is part of the lawsuit. http://www.kcsdv.org/psmothers.html

The Manhattan Free Press On Line To Claudine Dombrowski it is not beautiful, that is her daughter, six-year-old Rikki on the couch behind the threatening coffee table. ...

OUTRAGES: Bad decisions, Bad judges, Bad experts, Bad ethics, Bad ...CLAUDINE DOMBROWSKI CASE , Shawnee County, Kansas . Claudine lost custody of her baby daughter Rikki to Hal Richardson, the man who did this, thanks to Judge James P. Buchele....

Manhattan resident fights custody battle for daughter All she wants is to get her daughter back. Claudine Dombrowski, a Manhattan resident, is fighting for the custody of her 6-year-old daughter....

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