He had cut his wife throat-in one incident-he was released from jail-Finally he killed his wife and then self-


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Murder Suicide in Dickinson | Video


"I just know she was great person, always loving and kind, always there for her kids, he kids were number one priority, and her grandkids, and now we don`t have that anymore," says Tracey Osborn`s daughter Mandy Schutt.

Mandy Schutt`s words on the day her mother, 43-year old Tracey Osborn of Dickinson, was found dead in her car. Police found that car in a ravine about a half a mile off Highway 22, North of Killdeer, near the Little Missouri River. Police say her her husband, 41-year old Jamie Osborn killed her on Sunday before shooting himself. His body was discovered Sunday afternoon in a wooded area in Miles City, Montana. Police were first contacted Sunday afternoon when Tracey`s co-workers reported her missing. They began their investigation at Tracey`s home.

"There was evidence at the scene that Tracey had been injured at the scene, and based on that evidence, we had concluded that she had been a victim here of a crime," says Lieutenant Dave Wallace of the Dickinson Police Department. "We know that when she was going to work, leaving for work, she was confronted outside the residence by Jamie, and that`s where the incident started."

Police wouldn`t elaborate on the evidence they found outside of the home, but they say there were witnesses to a confrontation. Police say Tracey and Jamie were not currently living together. On July 18th, Jamie Osborn was arrested and charged with terrorizing Tracey.

"On that incident, Jamie Osborn cut the throat of Tracey Osborn," says Wallace.

He was free on bond, but there was a restraining order against him. Police say his cousin, 27 year old Melissa Cady-Angerer, also of Dickinson, has been charged with Disobeying a Judicial order. Police are not discussing why she was under that order.

Police say the event is still under investigation so there are a lot of unanswered questions. But Tracey`s daughter has this to say.

"I don`t want somebody getting away with what they did to my mother, I just hope she didn`t suffer."


Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] Whos Killing Families?.