The Crucial importance of mother “Common Sense”



But of course  Maternal Deprivation from mother during any time of a growing child is sadistic- I know- my daughter knows- It has been now eleven years- that we have been denied to even simply ‘hug’. –but of course it is more imperative that we ‘not tarnish the image of father’

- after all it is not healthy for a child to see her father as the convicted bully and wife beater that he is- so- contact has been denied- to keep her from ;knowing of the violence. Thanks to the power of www-  the Silence has been broken..


Maternal Deprivation was inflicted on monkeys by Harry Harlow with terrible consequences. Now this abuse is spreading to humans promulgated by unethical psychologists who are experimenting in social engineering on human children.



First Three Years

This section of our website offers information on the importance of the presence of the mother during the first three years of life. These years are critical in child development. Personal experiences from those mothers or couples who understand the importance of the mother’s presence during the early years will be found at the “Readers’ Views.”


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