Dear Senator Faust-Goudeau in reply to your email RE: "Fatherhood Initiatives Act" is genocide on Kansas women and children


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   I am tired, held hostage, as is my child, in this state- (for sixteen years now) No, we did not ‘turn out just fine’-(only my daughter and I remain) and the best that we can hope for is to simply ‘survive’ four more years- every day is a war zone.


  This is WHAT happens when you FORCE bad dads better off gone FORCE them with federal and State Funding (I am thus far lucky- so far I have survived) MOST have not- every day fathers are murdering their children because sometimes you just cannot fix/force bad dads-

  I too promised my recently deceased mother-  “my hero” whom as a prisoner even in death ’Maternal Deprivation-(Fatherhood initiatives) were denied attendance  even to her funeral. I want to empower you, I want you to have knowledge and as like your mother- stand for basic human rights the same basic human rights denied to my own mother and continue denied- myself and daughter.

  I will address first your email as below- then send to you further extensive information that can assist you. I urge you to stop this act or delay it pending more valid research.

You write:

as an adult I still wish my father would have played a more effective role in my life.

But you still turned out successful, so is having a father "vital" to EVERY child's life?  Are your personal feelings allowed the create legislation for ALL? What is an "effective role"?  Can NO role be effective? How can you MAKE someone have an effective role?  Is this the business of law and public policy?

My two teenaged daughters have a wonderful relationship with their Father, and they have turned out to be well rounded young ladies active in school and our community. And, although I turned out just fine, being raised by a single Mother and

Was this "wonderful relationship" foster by her, the children, or the father?  Would not a wonderful man create a wonderful relationship with his children?  What of a bad man?  Does having a FATHER cause children to be well-rounded?  Would her children NOT have been well-rounded and community oriented WITHOUT their father?

becoming the First African American Woman Senator in the State of Kansas. 

the entry of  your SB 128 into the KS statutes will be ear marked with the human rights violations, denial to access to justice and discrimination again this is at the Inter-American Commission Human Rights behind the Jessica Gonzales case the ACLU filed in 2005. Domestic Violence is a human Rights issue, ruled the US violates those rights.

I truly believe, that Our children are most successful with a combination of support  from both Parents, who are actively participating in their children's lives. I also,feel that Teachers and The Church, and the Community at large must play an active role in this equation for the positive out-come of  Our children Success.

"I truly believe"  is that evidence? What type of support? How can you force someone to "actively participate"?  [ my side comment: Teachers are overburdened--do not add to their responsibilities without adding to their pay.]  Should everyone be forced to be involved with the church.  [Understand what this also means about faith-based organizations getting grant money, etc]

I receive calls  from Parents who share stories with me about  their children being placed in Foster Care for various reason and Children being
killed because of drugs and gang violence. I even hear about the young girls who are about my daughters ages dropping out because they are pregnant and the young Father has left them alone and hopeless. 

[ Foster care= the govt = the enemy] [Drugs, gang violence = poor choices, no resources, money]---create SCHOOL PROGRAMS for children.  AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS.  Enrichment activities.  MUSIC, SPORTS....money for fatherhood????  WTF?   teen moms?  get them monetary support!!!  Statutory rape?

My Heart goes out to these Families! And most households are headed by"Single Mothers."   "So , as a way to Help!!!!! ( Mothers and Children)  I introduced"The Fatherhood Initiative Act".

This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard.  This is your conclusion to all the things you previously mentioned.  As a way to help mothers and children, why not give them services and money if they already have to do the job of parenting.

My sole purpose was to be pro-active with this
legislation by simple assisting New Fathers stay involved in their children's lives and to encourage all Fathers to become more Emotionally supportive and Financially Accountable in the raising of their children

Why do you have to assist fathers to stay involved?  What is stopping them? (you will say jobs, this is NOT a good enough answer) What is necessary to assist so that they become more "emotionally" involved?  How do you legislate emotional involvement?

I feel this legislation will save tax payers money and Save Families! Because, We will Pay! one way or another!   We can choose to be pro-active by investing 
In", and Educating "Fathers"or Pay later to incarcerate or bury the Children of the absent Father!    

What happens to the money educating mothers who are already doing the job?  Is this money cut, decreased? for the sake of fathers? What if the father utilizes the services and still is NOT involved?  What will be the repercussions?  The kids will still be poor?  Will there be any father-penalties?  The kids will always be penalized if you rely on a party that has the OPTION to be involved.


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