What is Your Plan "B" ? Domestic Violence


What is Your Plan "B" ?

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In an unhealthy relationship? Have you lost custody of your kids? Are you going through a divorce and fearing you might not make it out with your life? Do you want to live? Join our guests Claudine Domrowski and the relative of Suzan Annette Sowders-Fuller, guned down in front of her children this past weekend. Susan Murphy-Milano is a violence expert, former executive director of a national domestic violence organization, the daughter and survivor of murder-suicide, author of "Defending Our Lives, getting away from domestic violence & staying safe and Moving Out, Moving On when a relationship goes wrong. And her new book out in 2010,"Time's Up, how to leave and survive a dangerous relationship ,offers detailed practical information. Like your own guardian angel giving listeners guidance on what to do when you are in an abusive relationship, attempting to leave to creating a road map to safety every step of the way. As a violent expert and author she speakers from experience. Her voice has been featured on Oprah, 20/20, The Justice Files, US News & World Report, USA Today, Family circle magazine, CNN, NBC's Sunday Today and she comments regularly on headlines making the news. Susan can be heard co-hosting the popular weekly radio show, “Justice Interrupted,” , every Tuesday at 10:00 PM CST, with police officer, Stacy Dittrich, and prosecutor, Robin Sax, highlighting cases that have not received the media attention they deserve. Visit Susan's website at http://www.susanmurphymilano.com

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