Milwaukee mayor protects grandmother,child from attack by child's father; Mayor Tom Barrett: You're a hero in my book (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)


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Mayor Tom Barrett: You're a hero in my book (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

I'll confess: I make all the wisecracks about politicians that we're all guilty of. But Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is a hero in my book. While visiting the state fair, he intervened to protect a grandmother and child from a physical attack by the child's UNNAMED DAD. The mayor was hit in the head with a metal bar and had his front teeth knocked out. The grandmother and child were unharmed. If I lived in Milwaukee, Mayor, I'd vote for you ten times over.

US mayor injured defending child

Mr Barrett was praised by police for being a 'good citizen'
The mayor of the US town of Milwaukee has been praised for his courage after being injured while trying to protect a grandmother and child from an attack.
Tom Barrett, 55, had his front teeth knocked out and was injured on the head and hand as he intervened in what police said was a domestic dispute.
The White House said President Barack Obama had called the mayor to praise him for his "selfless act of courage".
The woman and child were unhurt and a 20-year-old man has been arrested.
Mr Barrett was reported to have been leaving the Wisconsin state fair on Saturday with his two daughters, his niece and his sister, when they heard the woman calling for help.
They were being threatened by a man who police later said was the child's father.
Mr Barrett's brother John, said the man had claimed to have a gun and was "not afraid to use it", reported the Associated Press.
'Good citizen'
Mr Barrett attempted to calm the man down and then to call the police but was thrown to the ground.
He lost his two front teeth and was hit on the head with a metal bar before the attacker ran off.
The man was later arrested by police, who said he probably did not know it was the mayor he had attacked.
Mr Barrett was taken to hospital where he had surgery on his hand and face before being sent home on Monday.
Milwaukee police chief Edward Flynn said Mr Barrett had "acted like the good citizen that he is".
"He not only risked serious injury but he endured serious injury in order to defend somebody who was weaker than their assailant," he said.
In a statement, the White House said Mr Obama had telephoned Mr Barrett in hospital to say he had gone "above the call of duty" and to "let him know he was proud of his selfless act of courage".

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