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GARY CLARK" ...proof in itself why the rest of us NEED GUNS!

"We need them to KILL people who want to MOVE our money into the pockets of the criminals (like her) who want to take our money to foster her immoral ideas of how a society should be.

"Let's make no mistake about why assholes like her want to see our guns taken away."

    Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 11:33:48 -0700 From: Gary Clark <Gary@words-that-work.org> To: Fathers Manifesto <manifesto@iname.com> Cc: liz <liz@gate.net>, Fathers' Manifesto <fathers@web.liberty.com>, Mark Hall <markhall@rocketmail.com> Subject: Re: SMH

Las Vegas, NV

STEVEN IMPARL'S men-law listserve". . . concerning the jailing of Christopher Robin, founder of the Purple Heart House in Hollywood, California. . . I have discovered the home address of the judge.  If you would, send a second copy of your letter to his home.  I want this man to know that we are paying attention to what he is doing, and that we intend to break through the barrier of anonymity that so many of these bureaucrats operate behind with impunity.

"We had originally planned to burn just our support orders.  But now, the first thing to burn will be a miniature effigy of Judge Schoenberg.  We hope he gets the message.  We're watching, we're paying attention, and we're ready to fight back."

    Received: (qmail 25567 invoked by uid 505); 24 Oct 1998 02:36:28 -0000 Mailing-List: contact men-law-owner@egroups.com Precedence: list X-URL: http://www.egroups.com/list/men-law/ X-Mailing-List: men-law@egroups.com Delivered-To: listsaver-findlist-men-law@makelist.com Received: (qmail 7472 invoked by uid 7770); 24 Oct 1998 02:04:38 -0000 Received: from imo18.mx.aol.com ( by vault.findmail.com with SMTP; 24 Oct 1998 02:04:38 -0000 Received: from DeBackerG@aol.com by imo18.mx.aol.com (IMOv16.10) id XVTCa29185 for <men-law@makelist.com>; Fri, 23 Oct 1998 22:03:39 +2000 (EDT) From: DeBackerG@aol.com Message-ID: <3c89259b.3631357b@aol.com> Date: Fri, 23 Oct 1998 22:03:39 EDT To: men-law@makelist.com Mime-Version: 1.0 X-Mailer: AOL 3.0 for Mac sub 84 Subject: [men-law] Fwd: ancpr post, Chris Robin Content-Type: text/plain; charset=US-ASCII Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bitX-UIDL: 60fb809fa1f64c64dcefb62d0ac5a594

kidnapper and founder of ANCPR
9903 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 267
Beverly Hills, CA 90212


RALPH UNDERWAGERThe Influence of Underwager

PAIDIKA: Is choosing paedophilia for you a responsible choice for the individual?

"Certainly it is responsible... Paedophiles can boldly and courageously affirm what they choose. They can say that what they want is to find the best way to love. I am also a theologian, and as a theologian, I believe it is God's will that there be closeness and intimacy, unity of the flesh, between people. A paedophile can say: "This closeness is possible for me within the choices that I've made."

"Paedophiles are too defensive.... With boldness they can say, 'I believe this is in fact part of God's will.'

PAIDIKA: You are speaking mostly about paedophiles in the U.S. What tack should they take given the societal attitudes? What solutions do you envision for their lives?

"The solution I'm suggesting is that paedophiles become much more positive. They should directly attack the concept, the image, the picture of the paedophile as an evil, wicked, and reprehensible exploiter of children...

"I was in the courtroom for the case that Holly just cited and I actually heard the prosecutor say, 'No man should ever be permitted to claim as an excuse that he was just being affectionate when a child says they were uncomfortable.'

"I don't know; I don't think, we can just label these attitudes 'hysteria.' Perhaps 'madness' is better, or 'pathology.' What we see going on in the United States is the most vitriolic and virulent anti-sexuality I know of in our history."

Read the whole interview in:
PAIDIKA: The Journal of Paedophilia
Vol. 3, No. 1, Issue 9, Winter 1993, Netherlands
MORE -- from the courts of Minnesota...

KEN PANGBORN"Just how the shit would YOU know?  Were you raped as a child? ... You are one clueless bimbo...

"BTW, are your panteis in a bunch about the "Seinfeld Case" in Milwaukee?  Bet you'll walk bowllegged for a year on that one.  $26.6 MILLION Miller will have to pay out, and the broad another $1.5 MILLION for being a bitch! HA HA!  We FRstersd are coming to get you HA HA!

"... there are TWO lying broads to every one who tells the truth!  Just all in how you want to look at the stats.  I really lopve it whjen Femiwhackos like you MAKE UP statistics! I love craming them right up your ass!  The biggest nightmare you have is when I ACCEPT your fabricated stats!

"BULLSHIT!  You sure can turn a phrase Liz."

    Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 19:19:40 -0400 (EDT) From: PangK@aol.com To: liz@gate.net Cc: DeanTong@aol.com Subject: Re: Questions About Divorce & Custody Nobody Asks

With DEAN TONG / "F.R.O.N.T." and "Abuse-Excuse"
NCFC vs ACFC and continuing FR in-fighting...

DEAN TONGMug shot of Dean Tong, former allegedly falsely accused "forensic consultant", and PAS (parental alienation excuse) and therapeutic jurisprudence promoter, who after being accused in his own divorce case, started a business to help defend men accused of child sex abuse, domestic violence, and other charges, including as a freelance assistant to their lawyers.

    Mr. Tong apparently was accused again of stuff (this time domestic violence and witness tampering) on January 28, 2008 per Hillsborough County, Florida sheriff's website at http://www.hcso.tampa.fl.us/pub/default.asp?/Online/qdisp/bn=08006061

    Self-styled false abuse expert arrested
    The man is charged with domestic violence by the Sheriff's Office after his wife calls 911.
    By S.I. ROSENBAUM, Times Staff Writer
    Published January 30, 2008

    TAMPA - A Riverview man who has built a career as an expert on "false child abuse accusations" has been charged with domestic violence and tampering with a witness to avoid prosecution.

    Dean Bryan Tong, 51, of 10246 Hunter's Haven Blvd., was accused of grabbing his wife's arm and slamming her foot in the bedroom door during an argument on Jan. 21, according to an arrest affidavit filed by sheriff's deputies.

    He then allegedly took her telephone as she tried to call 911 and told her he would "ruin her" if she called police, the affidavit states...

    On his Web site, www.abuse-excuse.com, Tong writes that he was accused of sexually abusing his then-preschool-age daughter during a contentious divorce; the charges were later dropped, he writes.

    "Having seen the seedy underbelly of divorce law, Dean Tong decided to work to reform the system that tore his life apart," the Web site says.

    LIZNOTE: Dean Tong was not originally included on the Pig Page when it first was published in 1998 because he managed consistently to comport himself politely in his emails and other communications with liz. However, this latest event, coupled with his performance in August 14, 2006, on Lisa Macci's Justice Hour radio show has put him over the top. Congratulations, Dean -- it took more than a decade but you've finally achieved your place on a shelf in the liz library..


JOHN KNIGHTliz on: Wade Horn on The Importance of Being Father[Wearing his Father's Manifesto poloshirt.]

"Very eloquently and succinctly stated, Gary!  "There is no reason to dance around the issue. We are dealing with a slut who must be treated like and called a slut.  The word 'slut' has a very important meaning, and it was developed to describe people just like Liz."

    Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:04:34 +0600 From: Fathers Manifesto <manifesto@iname.com> To: Gary Clark <Gary@words-that-work.org> Cc: liz <liz@gate.net>, Fathers' Manifesto <fathers@web.liberty.com>, Mark Hall <markhall@rocketmail.com> Subject: SMH

"... it is the act of adultery which led to the psychological problems which brought the majority ... of those criminals to death row in the first place... this would put about 10.5 million American wives on death row.  Everything is feminists' fault."

    Date: Sat, 9 May 1998 03:05:46 -0700 (PDT) From: Fathers' Manifesto <fathers@web.liberty.com> To: Asherah <Asherah@aol.com> Cc: wellgo1@ix.netcom.com, spg@postal.c-zone.net, liz@gate.net Subject: Re: common thread

"It is time to update our data base regarding the state of the 19th Amendment... the last survey... onwomen's suffrage resulted in 80% of us advocating (in confidentiality) the repeal of this Amendment. This survey also will be held in confidence, so feel free to "vote your heart..."http://fathers.zq.com/home3.htm

"The Talmud played a key role in the destruction of America's families."

"The appointment of Jewish judges contributed greatly to our current social pathologies."

    The above two statements from John Knight's "Talmud Survey" originally published at: http://apps3.vantagenet.com/zsv/survey.asp?id=1210141755&GO=Go%21

Author of The Garbage Generation

WARREN FARRELL"family sex."

" The VAWA and VAWA II are blatant violations of the 14th Amendment..."
"We have forgotten that before we began calling this date rape... we called it exciting."

"...millions of people who are now refraining from touching, holding, andgenitally caressing their children, when that is really part of a caring, loving expression, are repressing the sexuality of a lot of children and themselves."

Author of The Liberated Man and Myth of Male Power
Ideological icon of AFC aka ACFC (Stu Miller et al. father's rights lobbyists)
Against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

STUART MILLERLitany for Fathers"The New Jersey Supreme Court executed a father because he wanted to accept his parental responsibilities... Alan Gubernat shot himself and his three-year-old son...

"Feminist women have almost completely destroyed the family and all associated with it that is holy.

"The Bible clearly states that the fathers are to be the head of the household.

"This is not to mention the Magna Carte, upon which all of our constitutions and institutions are founded. But the government, with its judicial henchmen, have propagated upon society a system that is diametrically opposed to the Word of God...

"It is interesting to note, not only the outrageousness of the NJ decision, but the gradual "move forward" in the judiciary's attitudes, whereby women are no longer disgraced by bearing children outside of wedlock, men are. Men are also vilified by the Pimp and the Vice-Pimp of the United States. No longer are men warned not to fall victim to the wiles of "loose women."...

"...did a penis just fall out of the sky and impregnate you..."

Ranting on F.R.E.E.'s bit-listserve after unwed noncustodial father, Alan Gubernat, murdered his 3 year old son for the reason that the New Jersey Supreme Court would not let him change the boy's last name. More...

Date: Mon, 15 May 1995 20:18:51 -0400 From: Stuart Miller <smiller@CapAccess.org> Newsgroups: bit.listserv.free-l

AFC (Father's Rights groups lobbyist)
Signer (among other AFC members), THE "FATHER'S MANIFESTO" --
Men's Rights Lobbyists ANTI- welfare, -child support, -VAWA, -mothers

"If you go to jail, we will kick their butt so hard that they will be sorry ever messed with you!!!  Our advice to you Stuart?  Please accept their "sentence" and go to jail!  You will immediately be considered a political prisoner, and we will file a claim with the United Nations on behalf of all fathers in America...

"Stu, you got our words that we will publicize the heck out of this. "

Brouhaha on F.R.E.E.'s bit-listserve after Stuart Miller wrote that the judge in his divorce case was threatening to throw him in jail for contempt of court. More...

Subject: Put Stu in Jail and We Kick Your Butt From: fgj@ELECTRICITI.COM Date: 1995/06/03 Message-Id: <m0sHxIK-000H6hC@powergrid.electriciti.com> Sender: "Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange"

San Diego, CA

RICHARD BENNETT"Would you have the name of that judge handy?  And perhaps a residence?  Or a phone number?  A little education is in order.  RB"

    Subject: Re: Stu in Jail? From: richard@bennett.com (Richard Bennett) Date: 1995/06/11 Message-Id: <3rdj4u$dl0@news1.best.com> References: Pine.3.07.9506031259.A19711-A100000@cap1.capaccess.org>

"Governor Wilson signed SB 509 into law late last night... The femaroids fought this measure tooth and nail, resorting to dirty tricks at every step of the process... But this year we drew the line on domestic violence legislation by killing a bill granting custody to victims automatically, we ended welfare as we used to know it, and we ended lifetime alimony... "

    Subj: The End of Idleness Date: Tue, Oct 1, 1996 4:31 PM EDT From: TALK-MAN@TAMVM1.TAMU.EDU X-From: Richard@BENNETT.COM

aka EarthMom13@aol.com
aka JillSavage@aol.com
Original Signer #147, THE FATHER'S MANIFESTO
Cupertino, CA

GARDNER'S THREAT THERAPY:  Did it Kill This Child?''What I am against is the excessively moralistic and punitive reaction that many members of our society have toward pedophiles ... (going) far beyond what I consider to be the gravity of the crime.''

"...there is a bit of pedophilia in every one of us."

    Sex Abuse Hysteria: Salem Witch Trials Revisited Creskill, NJ, Creative Therapeutics, 1991. p. 118.

a "diagnosis" generally applied to mothers who accuse fathers
Cresskill, NJ

"There is every reason for men to feel threatened... if only a few "top-quality" males... remain in the gene pool due to the reproductive choices of women, regular guys do not get to perpetuate themselves into the next generation....

"Advocacy of lesbian childrearing practices and single motherhood as a desirable life-style choice undermines fatherhood. ...

"Government is usurping the role of fathers/husbands... providing low/no-income women a financial security blanket, while forcing men to pay for it without receiving the benefit of the a wife's company and services in return, a necessary element in the traditional marriage contract...

"As to "lack of men to fill the role" this is also in part a function of mate-selection and family formation behavior on the part of women. This is virtually never mentioned in the literature and in the public debate.

"The loosening of constraints on the sexual and reproductive behavior of women is in part responsible for paternal "irresponsibility". Secondly, the rejection of monogamy by women combined with no-fault divorce...

"Specifically, husbands no longer enjoy an assurance of a monogomous sexual relationship with the wife... not even a right to be informed of an abortion, much less a veto...

"The husband's claim on the wife's love is no longer recognized at all. Worse, it has been criminalized and is now known as "marital rape".

"Even a mere effort to maintain the nonsexual aspects of consortium can now land a man in jail for violation of a restraining or protective order, on charges of harassment, or for committing the new crime de jour, stalking.

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 22:05:32 -0600 From: Wolfgang Hirczy <wolfh@osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu> Reply to: familylaw-l@lawlib.wuacc.edu To: Multiple recipients of list <familylaw-l@lawlib.wuacc.edu> Subject: If only things were different ....


"Feminists should be charged with nothing less than Crimes Against Humanity, sentenced, and summarily executed in public squares."

St. Louis, MO

" [if women could marry women] ... six income sources ... from the two mothers, two sets of government entitlements, and two banished fathers ... would be economically far superior ... We must fight lesbian rights ..."

A Winning Strategy For Fathers, by David R. Usher http://www.acfc.org/essay/winning.htm

"On the marriage market, men trade their social needs and women trade their economic needs.  Every ... child support order weakens the marriage market ..."

The National Playboy Boycott Page - Will Republicans change? by David R. Usher http://www.backlash.com/1996/6-jun96/ncfc06.html

"Dear John ... why not E-mail the whole thing to all Congressmen and Senators on the Net, with a foreward by you as the organizer.  I think they should get the buzz from people, not the entitled feminist organizations ... just ask Stuart Miller or Hugh Harrington about this ...

"If I do a good job creaming the feminists, and they can see it, maybe they will have the political guts to do something more than flush the toilet."

From usher@mo.netMon Sep 25 14:37:57 1995 Date: Sat, 23 Sep 1995 02:28:33 -0500 From: Dave Usher To: fathers Subject: Debate purpose


DEAN HUGHSON"What the radical Womens Rights (sometimes referred to as Mothers Rights but since the influx of lesbian leadership has been more likely to be referred to as Rights for Women, Women of Color, and Gay and Bi-Sexual Women) and the Radical mens groups (who sometimes also call themselves fathers groups) have in common is dislike of the idea of human rights."

    Date: Sun, 8 Mar 1998 13:33:34 -0600 From: Dean Hughson <dean@primenet.com> Reply-To: familylaw-l@lawlib.wuacc.edu To: Multiple recipients of list <familylaw-l@lawlib.wuacc.edu> Subject: Re: Observance of Herstory Month

"You know you are an insider in the fathers movement when... your closest online friends have been accused in a court battle of child abuse as a ploy by their ex's to win custody."

    Subject: Top 10 Reasons You Know You are an insider in the Fathers Movement From: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM> Date: 1995/12/04 Message-Id: <199512050529.WAA10416@usr1.primenet.com> Sender: "Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange" <FREE-L@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU> X-Sender: dean@mailhost.primenet.com Comments: To: shedevil@vix.com, wellman@vix.com Newsgroups: bit.listserv.free-L

"My wife and I sat watching the TV and could only think......why do these people attack the legal system? When it puts men in jail for not paying child support or for false allegations, those same people cheer the actions of the court. The hatred towards men in general and fathers,such as OJ Simpson,specifically sickens me."

From owner-witchhnt@MITVMA.MIT.EDU Tue Oct 3 19:32 EDT 1995 Return-Path: <owner-witchhnt@MITVMA.MIT.EDU> Posted-Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 19:32:21 -0400 Received-Date: Tue, 3 Oct 1995 19:32:21 -0400 ...From: Dean Hughson <dean@primenet.com> Subject: What I've Learned About Justice via OJ To: FREE <FREE-L%indycms.bitnet@mitvma.mit.edu>, Multiple recipients of list WITCHHNT...

"Radical feminist... Liz... and her alleged husban Nick have posted pictures and quotes from some men,including Ralph Underwager and myself on her attack web site at http://www.thelizlibrary.org/fathers/fathers.htm "Thought that some of you might find it interesting to see the pictures. incidentally I stand by my post."

Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 07:52:58 -0700 Reply-To: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM> Sender: Is there a child sex abuse witchhunt? <WITCHHNT@MITVMA.MIT.EDU> From: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM> Subject: pictures To: WITCHHNT@MITVMA.MIT.EDU X-UIDL: 81b7412e8726f1047ec191867a20b121

Self-proclaimed "Eggman" and "Internet Divorce Expert"
Author of http://divorcesupport.com's "Ask the Divorced Guy"
BACKLASH! columnist (as is Stu Miller, John Knight, Armin Brott, Ken Pangborn...)
[as of 1998] "Director of Resource Management," Father's Rights and Equality Exchange

GEORGE GILLILAND"And for the next two cents, per the below post, good Femnazi bitch Asyerass[Trish Wilson], I too say "ditto" and stay the hell out of where you're NOT INVITED, NOR WELCOME!! ... up yours BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

"...'fathers die at the hands of the Divorce Industry and the anti-christ/gender genocidal feminists... "KISS MY PURPLE BUTT" (OR KISS MY PURPLE ASHerah).' "

    Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 18:32:45 -0500 From: proadvocate@earthlink.net To: Asherah@aol.com Cc: ncpd@rogers.wave.ca Subject: agendas, etc., up yours!

"[Sex offenders] ... could serve a USEFUL purpose to society also, by being ordered, and they would probably happily comply, to go out and rape and pillage all the damn man hating Feminaz's!!!!!!!!!!"

    Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2000 01:42:24 -0600 From: proadvocate@earthlink.net To: men-law@egroups.com Subject: [men-law] Re: Gulag in MINNESOTA

the "proadvocate" http://home.earthlink.net/~proadvocate
"Men's & Father's Rights!!" DOMESTIC RIGHTS COALITION
St. Paul, MN

"Her world is her husband, her family, her children, and home.  We do not find it right when a women presses into the world of men.  Rather we find it natural when these two worlds remain separate ... Woman and man represent two different types of being.  Reason is dominant in man."

Mein Kampf
Adolph Hitler

"Shut the hell up you tired old hag... your fellow females are killing their kids for the same reason you lie thru your teeth, YOUR WORTHLESS, YOUR SPOILED, YOUR DECADENT, YOUR LAZY, ...YOUR.


"It's no wonder women are the brutes and kid killers they are today, look where they came from, rotten, filthy, scumball feminists like you!

"Earl!!!!!! "

Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:44:45 -0500 (CDT) From: wellgo1@ix.netcom.com To: manifesto@pemail.net, manifesto@home.net, liz@gate.net, john@usa.net, fathersmanifesto@usa.net, fathers@web.liberty.com, damneus@calstatela.edu Cc: spg@c-zone.net Subject: Re: Another intact home?

SIGNER, FATHER'S MANIFESTO http://www2.crosswinds.net/san-diego/~manifesto/

"True gender equality will exist when, and only when the verbal and psychological abuse women often inflict upon their husbands is regarded as EQUALLY SERIOUS as the physical abuse men inflict upon their wives."

From: wtwpubs@ix.netcom.com (Gary Clark) Newsgroups: alt.mens-rights,alt.feminism,soc.men Subject: Re: Men's Movement Date: 28 Apr 1995 03:03:15 GMT

"If the slut feminists really want EQUALITY, I suggest DEATH IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR to be the very first area in which such equality is achieved.  Once we've done that, I might be willing to listen to another one of their idiotic "equality" arguments."

    Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 21:49:32 -0400 (EDT) From: Gary Clark <Gary@words-that-work.org> To: liz <liz@gate.net> Cc: Fathers Manifesto <fathers@web.liberty.com> Subject: Re: SMH





Child Custody; joint custody; shared parenting; time-share - The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions


Joint Custody - The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions"When discussing joint custody, some recent commentators have elevated biology to the analytical equivalent of destiny -- a tie that provides an absolute right with regard to children. The supremacy of the biological relationship has also led to attempts to reformulate the best interest test in gender-free terminology. Such attempts have devalued traditional 'maternal' characteristics such as 'nurturing,' in an effort not to give mothers (who are presumed to have such characteristics) an advantage in custody decisions..." -- Fineman, Martha and Anne Opie, "The Uses of Social Science Data in Legal Policymaking: Custody Determinations at Divorce," Wisconsin Law Review, Vol. 1987, Number 1.

A child's perspective of joint custody: I will never forgive

JOINT CUSTODY http://www.thelizlibrary.org/liz/005.htm
The Road To Hell is Paved With Good Intentions

(More links and research listed below)

Child Custody; joint custody; shared parenting; time-share
Child custody issues are interconnected with issues of maternity and pregnancy, primary caregiving, parental alienation, child development (education and attachment issues), father's rights, and other family law issues, as well as to issues involving forensic psychologists, guardians ad litem (GALs) and other mental health professionals in the family court system, so check related sections, including those on psychology for other relevant articles. NOTE: The LIZNOTES index page contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. ALSO SEE, on this issue, the MYTHS AND FACTS pages.

The Fathers' Rights Movement – Busting the Fatherhood Myth


Fathers' Rights

Fathers' Rights Movement

In Re: The National Fatherhood Initiative: supporting a misogynistic agenda with "politically correct" jock straps. Also read this important article on the National Fatherhood agenda on the Silver Rights blogspot.

liz responds to Wade Horn's
The Importance of Being Father.


Myths and Facts about Fatherhood and Families


  • Busting the Fatherhood Myth by Lily DeVilliers
  • Case for Father Custody, The email exchange between liz and FR Nick Szabo
  • Deconstructing Fatherhood Propaganda: liz versus Wade Horn editorial by liz
  • Deconstructing the Deconstructing: liz versus Silverstein and Auerbach editorial by liz
  • Disagreeing with Helen Alvare editorial by liz
  • Father's Rights Joint Custody Propaganda from the AAML editorial notes by liz
  • Media Distortions by Fathers' Rights Advocates editorial by liz
  • Myths and Facts about Fathers and Family Law CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
  • The National Fatherhood Initiative editorial criticism by liz
    with email comments by David Usher (FR lobbying 1995 welfare deform)
  • Politics of Fathers' Rights Advocates by Mandy Dunn DOC CITATIONS TO RESEARCH
  • Response to "Be Thankful for Fathers" by Amy Ridenour editorial by liz
  • Stalking Through the Courts: the father's rights movement by Janet Normalvanbreucher SCHOLAR
  • Index: "The Pig Page" - The Father's Rights Movement In Their Own Words
  • "The Pig Page" - The Father's Rights Movement In Their Own Words page 2
  • "The Pig Page" - The Father's Rights Movement In Their Own Words page 3
  • About the Children's Rights Council circa 1998 by liz
  • ANCPR readers defend Darren Mack, wife-murderer and judge shooter
  • Wolfgang Hirczy de Mino on Linda Elrod's Washburn family law listserve
  • Dean Hughson (FR originator of web site sold to current owner of Divorce Source)
  • Anne P. Mitchell's F.R.E.E. bit.listserve defending murderer
  • NCFC Dispute with ACFC (in-fighting)
  • Attorney Steven Imparl's "men-law" listserve
  • More posts from the"men-law" listserve
  • And yet more posts from the"men-law" listserve
  • Ralph Underwager's "Litany for Fathers" with Paedika pedophilia comments by liz
  • Ralph Underwager feeling misunderstood and falsely accused by liz
  • Response to Father's Rightster "Pearle Harbour" by liz
  • Trish Wilson's Articles and Materials
  • Warren Farrell materials index
  • Warren Farrell and "family sex" (Off Our Backs interview) annotated by liz
  • manuscript with editing notations of Farrell's "Three Faces of Incest" article source unknown
  • Warren Farrell and "genitally caressing" (Penthouse interview) annotated by liz
  • complete html text of the 1977 Penthouse article "Incest: The Last Taboo"
  • jpg images of original magazine pages:    1  |   2  |   3  |   4  |   5  |   6
  • Farrell emails libeling liz, interspersed with comments by liz
  • More Farrell emails libeling liz, interspersed with responses by liz
  • Warren Farrell's research distortions in "Myth of Male Power" by Cynthia Teague
  • Warren Farrell's "Top Ten Holiday Suggestions" by liz
  • Warren Farrell Does a Custody Evaluation by liz
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome - Therapeutic Jurisprudence Trades in the Family Court – GAL’s, Supervised Visitation, therapists, custody evaluators and other ‘spawns’ that work for the Courts


    Parental Alienation Syndrome; hostile-aggressive parenting; enmeshment

    NOTE: The LIZNOTES index page contains links to recommended off-site locations as well as the on-site articles. Also see Section on PSYCHOLOGY, because the entertaining of alienation theory (by whatever name **) has become integral to the plying of the therapeutic jurisprudence trades in the family courts. It is a primary creator of the relationship engineering industries, and spawns work for "experts" opining pro and con, as well as GALs, supervised visitation centers, court-ordered therapists, custody evaluators, parenting coordinators, and all of their respective lawyers. [** hostile-aggressive parenting, enmeshment, intrusive parenting, intractable hostilities, high conflict, etc.]

    The Guardian Ad Litem Scandals - Legislative Reforms Needed


    Therapeutic Jurisprudence - What's wrong with our family courts - NNFLP research on custody evaluation practices

    And More Money$$$$  and More Money $$$$ and More Money$$$$  and More Money $$$$ and More Money $$$$


     CLICK TO PLAY – Posted with permissions from: Montana Public Radio, KUFM, which ran on their news broadcast 10-5-2010.

    Interview with Assistant News Director Edward O'Brien and Kathleen Russell of the www.CenterForJudicialExcellence.org about the cottage industry of Guardian Ad Litems aka GAL's and the much needed State to State Reforms to pull their Immunity from accountability and prosecution for sending children to live with abusers.


    In Disputed Child Custody Cases. Remember that therapeutic jurisprudence COSTS money, and prolongs litigation. It costs nothing to abrogate their immunity and/or to get rid of them. See, http://www.thelizlibrary.org/therapeutic-jurisprudence/TheDetectives.html

    Children Need. . . THIS? Research on custody evaluation practices and therapeutic jurisprudence in the family courts





    For articles on family law issues, and the "myths and facts" research citation pages on fatherhood, motherhood, domestic violence, post-divorce relocation, child custody, attachment, and child development research, and related issues, see LIZNOTES or The Liz Library SITE INDEX.   Signs of a Bad Custody Evaluation


    Guardians ad Litem; Parenting Coordinators; Custody Evaluators, etc.
    This category includes the various forms of so-called ADR (alternate dispute resolution) practitioners, such as GALs, parenting coordinators, parenting evaluators, forensic psychologists, recommending mediators, special masters, court-ordered therapists, other court-appointed mental health professionals, supervised visitation centers, and other profiteers of "therapeutic jurisprudence", whose methods involve -- in non-criminal cases -- intrusion and coercion under the threat of court sanctions, and actual or de facto extra-judicial decision-making. This website heavily criticizes all of these practices, which have multiple things wrong with them, not the least of which is denigration of due process, and the diminution of a publicly observable, regulated, and appealable "rule by law" by substituting the caprice of men and women. These practices have been promoted as "cures" for ailings of the court system and the litigants in it by self-serving persons who apparently are ignorant, or else just do not care about the harms they cause to children and their parents because they make money from the ideas they promote, churning profit in proceedings that fly in the face of the foundations of our justice system. The bulk of these materials are listed in the section on PSYCHOLOGY. Also see the sections on the specific substantive issues, such as child development or parental alienation.

    Complete Documentary Exposing how the legal System Helps Batterer and Pedophiles get Child Custody GOAL: Continue the Abuse and Control of the Mother


    Dr. Sharon K. Araji Talks about Domestic Violence in Contested Child Custody Complete Documentary Exposing how the legal System and Batterer get child custody.



    Million Mom March challenge for 4/30 and 5/1


    Million Mom March challenge for 4/30 and 5/1 Make two copies of the first page of this article or your current favorite that promotes Mother’s Day activities or pertains to Linda Marie Sacks upcoming Supreme Court visit. Whichever day you attend a worship service, please ask your church to pray for the upcoming march and court case. Mia Tyler Kailin Claudine Dombrowski @[538


    “Hearts Across America” -- Million Mom March Mother's Day 2011, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington



    Mothers across the Nation are losing custody of their children to pedophiles and batterers through Fatherhood Initiatives Funding receives $500.000.000.00



    Michigan Mothers Day March For Saving Children


    Million Mothers March on facebook for events across the Nation



    Please join them on their FB page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203832702980929

    Also see 

    “Hearts Across America” -- Million Mom March Mother's Day 2011 a National weekend of events to bring the crisis in family Courts out of the darkness and into the light.



    Tuesday, May 10 · 9:00am - 6:00pm


    Michigan State Capitol

    Created By

    Kimberly Fast, Lynette Furneaux

    More Info


    It is well known that domestic violence is a terrible epidemic that affects millions of women regardless of social class, economic status, level of education, ethnicity or race. But what is not well known - and outrageous - is that on top of the abuse they have suffered at home, many of these women are also victimized by our family court system.

    Despite some new protections patched into family law for victims of violence against women, the family law and family court system remain a flawed and risky venue for victims of family violence. It's especially risky for victims who present claims of violence and abuse in family court without any criminal case documents to back up those claims.

    The structure and powers of the family court system are radically different from the criminal system. By understanding these differences, victims and advocates can minimize the risks of family court, and get the best of each system to work for them.

    Why are our children being forced to go with known abusers? PARENTS Rights should NOT come before CHILDRENS Rights or the safety of a child! All we have to do is look at the news and there is a new tragedy that took place, a child murdered, often CPS and the Family Courts were involved. When will we as parents stand up and fight back to protect our children? We have to show the legislatures that Michigan's Children are in grave danger, that the laws need to be looked at and changes made where needed.
    March with us at the Capital and together we can be the voices for our children on May 10th.

    Feel free to contact me for further details or any questions. kim_nlp@hotmail.com



    Second Mothers Day Demonstration at the White House May 8, 2011


    “Hearts Across America” -- Million Mom March Mother's Day 2011, at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, D.C.

    It has been suggested that everyone try to write to the President before Mothers Day Vigil.

    Here is a possible letter you can use, or write your own.

    President Barack Obama

    The White House

    Washington, DC 20500

    RE: Second Mothers Day demonstration at the White House

    Dear President Obama,

    In less than a month, mothers from all over the country will gather again in front of the White House to bring attention to the ongoing problem with the Family Court System.

    For several decades Family Court judges have been handing children over to physical and sexual abusers. Despite common knowledge and recognition that domestic violence and child abuse are against the law, we have found that Family Court ignores the law.

    When we ask for help, we are being told that nothing can be done. When mothers ask for help from Senators and Congressmen, we are told it is not a Federal problem.  These issues extend throughout all fifty states. Therefore, it clearly is a Federal issue..

    With findings of corruption in California, and articles such as CA Family Courts Helping Pedophiles and Batterers Get Custody http://www.sfweekly.com/2011-03-02/news/family-court-parental-alienation-syndrome-richard-gardner-pedophilia-domestic-violence-child-abuse-judges-divorce/, it is apparent these problems are out of control.

    It is time to reconsider the validity in paying men to remain in the lives of their children, especially when we consider that much of these funds are being used by abusers to take children from their mothers.  Family Court is perpetuating the continuation of abuse.

    President Obama, we would like you to acknowledge us when we are in Washington. We would also like for you to acknowledge the seriousness of this issue.

    • We would also like for you to inform us on how your administration is going to start taking action and begin protecting women and children.

    • Finally, we would like for you to outline what specific steps you are going to take to end Family Court corruption.

    We realize the you inherited the issues with Family Court, but you became responsible for the existing problems that were carried over from previous administrations. Unfortunately, the past administration passed "the buck" to you. We need for you to address these issues and providing women and children with the hope that you consider us an important part of your constituents.

    We very much want to vote for you, and need you to respond to us.



    Claudine Dombrowski: Will She and Her Daughter Finally Get Justice?


    I’m not saying good luck.  Luck shouldn’t be a part of judges following the law and battered mothers receiving justice.  I was in court with Claudine Dombrowski in Kansas this past January when Judge David Debenham looked her abuser, Hal Richardson, in the eyes and warned that he was to follow the court’s orders and allow Claudine phone calls and two hours a week visitation with her daughter, a first in six years.  Guardian ad Litem Jill Dykes, staunch supporter of Abuser Hal, rolled her eyes and snorted frequently throughout the hearing like a bratty toddler, as she tried to stop what came to be finally justice for Claudine and her daughter.

    Claudine at the hospital after one of many beatings from Hal Richardson

    Well, Hal has done everything he could not to follow the courts orders and has had 67 violations of not following those orders.  Jill Dykes has done everything in her power to drag out the hearing until they get their favorite judge back on the case.  Nobody has thought about the daughter who has been tortured over finally having a little sweet contact with her mother finally, just to have it snatched away against the court orders.

    So here’s to Claudine as she goes into court at 9 a.m. this morning with other supporters.  Sweetie, we all have your back.  Come out of that courtroom with a change in custody.  Only then will justice finally be served.


    (Houston) FATHER Drowns his Disabled Son in Bathtub


    Prosecutors: Dad told relative his disabled son drowned in the bathtub

    HOUSTON – The father of a 10-year-old disabled boy whose body was found in a cardboard box over the weekend admitted to a relative that his son drowned in the bathtub, according to prosecutors.

    In a court appearance Tuesday morning, prosecutors said Jeffrey Singer, 44, told the boy’s uncle that he’d left the child in the bathtub while he went to the store on April 12. When he came back, 10-year-old Jonathan Singer was dead.

    Jeffrey Singer, who cried during the hearing, is charged with serious bodily injury to a child and remained free on bond Tuesday.

    After the hearing, Singer’s attorney said his client did nothing to hurt his son and is devastated by the boy’s death.

    Singer was arrested on Sunday after police found the boy’s body in a cardboard box in the back of his SUV.

    Police said Singer had driven to his father’s house with the body in the vehicle and told his father that he’d harmed his son, who was blind and suffered from cerebral palsy.

    The grandfather called 911.

    CPS officials confirmed Monday that they had investigated the Singer family in the past.

    In January 2010, there was a complaint that Jonathan was neglected and abused by both of his@parents. CPS investigated, but said they found no evidence to support the claim.

    A second complaint was filed in May 2010. The accusation was Jonathan’s mother, 44-year-old Tina Madrid, was ill and couldn’t properly care for her son.

    CPS officials said they tried to investigate that claim, but the family had moved and couldn’t be found.

    Officials were conducting a preliminary autopsy on Jonathan Singer’s remains Monday to determine a cause of death. Investigators believe he may have been dead for several days when he was found.

    Madrid was also arrested after Jonathan’s body was found, and the DA initially accepted charges of neglect of a child against her. But on Monday, the DA’s office said they needed additional information before those charges could be filed.

    Madrid was released from custody and was reportedly suffering from some unspecified health issues.

    FATHER Runs Over And Kills His Two Children With His Car


    Robert Carter accused of hitting, killing his 2 kids with his car

    DERMOTT, Ark. (KTHV) -- A Chicot County father is accused of hitting and killing his two young children with his car. It happened Sunday afternoon. Police say Robert Carter, 23, is expected to be charged with two counts of capital murder.
    Crime tape and tire tracks are all that's left of a horrific scene in Dermott.
    "Crazy tragedy. What pushes a person to that point?" says Chicot County Sheriff Ron Nichols.

    He's been in law enforcement for more than 20 years and says he's never seen anything like it.
    Nichols explains, "I feel so sorry for the kids and the mother, and the entire family."

    He says 18-month-old Amoni Elasia Carter and her sister Nekole Carter, 4, were murdered Sunday afternoon. Their mother, Latasha Figures, 24, was injured.
    "They were going across the yard and the dad came up in a yard and just run over them," explains Nichols.
    Police say it happened not once, but twice. 
    Carter is the children's father and mother's ex-boyfriend. He was reportedly driving about 25 to 30 miles an hour
    Nichols says, "Backs up comes around and does it again from what I've been told."
    Police say that's when the children's grandfather got a gun and shot Carter in the knee. Meanwhile, a motive is unclear. Police had never responded to a problem with the couple before. But Today's THV has learned there was a no contact order in place.
    Sheriff Nichols says they hope to learn more once they can interview the mother. She's in stable condition at a Little Rock hospital.
    "I don't know if there is closure," adds Nichols.
    They are the first murders in the small town of Dermott in at least five years. It's a yard forever scarred, but the girl's memories police say not forgotten.
    Nichols says, "My heart goes out to both sides of the family."
    Deputies say Carter wasn't drunk. As for his mental state, police aren't saying. He is in the hospital under protective custody. He is recovering from a gunshot wound to the knee.

    'Daddy had a big gun,' Fort Pierce toddler who witnessed murder-suicide tells police




    A 22-year-old pregnant woman and her 48-year-old mother were shot dead on Friday by the younger woman's live-in boyfriend, who then committed suicide, an initial police investigation has determined.

    A 3-year-old girl, the child of the younger woman and the man, was the only person found alive when police arrived. A responding officer heard her say, "Daddy had a big gun," according to the police report. The child was uninjured.

    "The child was in the house when the shooting occurred and unfortunately did witness this horrific incident," Fort Pierce police Sgt. Dennis McWilliams said in an email on Monday.

    McWilliams, a police spokesman, said that the state Department of Children & Families had taken custody of the girl.

    Investigators received a phone from the home on Quincy Avenue about 7 p.m. on Friday by a woman believed to be either Stephanie Carrier or her mother, Robin Carrier. Police arrived to find those two women and Christopher Covington, 25, all of the same address, dead with gunshot wounds to their heads.

    Investigators believe that Covington became enraged and shot both women inside the home, then shot himself in the home's garage. Police said the motive for the shootings is still under investigation.

    Police arrested Covington on Jan. 11 and charged him with aggravated domestic battery on a pregnant woman, after witnesses reported seeing him hitting Stephanie Carrier in the parking lot of the Fort Pierce Kmart store and, later, in a green Ford Explorer that Covington drove from the scene with Stephanie Carrier as a passenger.

    Covington reportedly fled the vehicle on foot when police stopped it on Colonial Road. The couple's 3-year-old daughter and Stephanie Carrier, who had a bloody lower lip, remained in the truck.

    According to the police report, Stephanie Carrier reportedly told officers that she and Covington had been together, on and off, for four years, that they had a 3-year-old daughter, and that she was currently three months pregnant with his child.

    Stephanie Carrier refused to complete a victim statement, the police report noted. It also recorded that Stephanie Carrier told officers that Covington had never before hit her, but that Robin Carrier told police Covington had hit her daughter on at least one prior occasion.

    Police apprehended Covington and charged him after a foot chase that ended at the intersection of Mayflower Road and Mayflower Lane. Asked by officers why he had struck Stephanie Carrier in front of their daughter and other witnesses, Covington reportedly said it was because she had been unfaithful to him.

    On Friday, a neighborhood witness told police that she had heard five shots coming from the house.

    The apparent double-murder and suicide remains under investigation.


    FATHER Slaughters his Family, Wife and Three Children (all under age of 4)- Marital Problems alluded too..


    There is ALWAYS a “history” of ‘domestic’ or a divorce, or other legal action being sought or pending in all these cases where the father kills his wife and children. Entitlement at all costs. Ownership pure and simple—then, they blame MOM- for stressing DAD out with “marital problems”  or other—e.g. “She ran her face into his fist”.

    This is what Father’s Rights- a Federally Funded program is creating—not More FATHER involvement—Just more FATHERS killing. More MOTHERS being stripped of their children, in any way—including death. Maternal Deprivation, Revenge Murders. Gee, thanks dad!

    Dawn Atwater.OAK HARBOR -- Investigators are not releasing any details about what caused a Salem Township man to kill his wife and three of his children, then himself late Friday night.

    Police believe Alan Atwater, 31, shot his wife Dawn, 30, and their children Ashley, who just celebrated her fourth birthday about two weeks earlier; Isaac Atwater, 2, and Brady Atwater, 1 1/2. Alan Atwater called the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office at 12:11 a.m. Saturday morning.

    Brady Atwater.Ashley Atwater.Isaac Atwater.

    "There's been a terrible accident at my house," Atwater matter-of-factly told a dispatcher. "My wife and three children are dead. Gunshot wounds, and I'm getting ready to kill myself right now."

    The chilling call lasted only about 35 seconds.

    Alan Atwater told the dispatcher he shot his family members, but ended the call as soon as she began asking him details of what happened.

    Ottawa County Sheriff Bob Bratton said deputies arrived within minutes to the two-story farmhouse, but saw and heard no movement within the house. Bratton said the sheriff's office Special Response Team set up a perimeter for their own safety, noting that even with what Atwater said in the call, they couldn't be sure if it was a hostage situation -- or a set-up for an ambush.

    Atwater's grandmother Joan Atwater, who lives only several hundred feet from the home, was listening to the police scanner when she heard deputies dispatched to the house. She tried to call 20 or 30 times, by her estimation, but got no answer.

    Sheriff's deputies tried to reach Alan by phone. They also enlisted the assistance of Joan as they tried to contact Alan using loudspeakers. They received no answer with that, either.

    At 2:52 a.m., SRT officers broke into the house and found the bodies in an upstairs bedroom. Brady was in bed; the remaining family members, including Alan, were on the floor. No note was found, Bratton said.

    On Sunday, Bratton said investigators had been made aware of marital circumstances that may have caused problems, but declined to elaborate.

    "We're more aware of certain situations than we're going to talk about early on in the investigation," Bratton said. "During the press conference yesterday, we still had investigators at the house."

    More information will be made available after the investigation is complete, Bratton said.

    In what turned out to be the last time Neil Atwater saw his grandson Alan, there was something about him that seemed a little off.

    Neil's wife Joan described her grandson, 31, as a workaholic and the kind of person who was always there for his family, be it working the family farm, helping them through times of illness or helping her learn how to use a computer.

    "He didn't act like Alan," Joan remembered Neil telling her Friday.

    "Obviously, this is a tragedy," said Ottawa County Sheriff's Capt. Olen Martin. "The community is shocked."

    Including Atwater's grandmother.

    "I cannot believe this happened," Joan Atwater said. "I never expected something like this.

    "We don't know what went on," she said. "He said they had marital problems, but we all have marital problems."

    Bratton said Alan Atwater had no criminal history beyond traffic violations, and they were never called to any kind of domestic incident at the home.

    Todd Schneider, spokesman for FirstEnergy, said Alan Atwater worked in the maintenance department at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.

    "He was a skilled craftsman and an instrument control technician," Schneider said.

    While Schneider said FirstEnergy wouldn't release any more details on Atwater's employment Sunday, he did confirm that Atwater, as a condition of employment at Davis-Besse, had previously completed at least one psychological evaluation.

    Bratton said Dawn Atwater didn't work outside the home.

    Joan Atwater said her grandson also helped with the family farm run by her husband, whom Alan Atwater addressed not as "grandpa," but as "chief."

    She said Dawn Atwater was a quiet person, but the children were starting to get chatty as they got older. Isaac always came up to her and tried to talk to her, she said.

    "Ashley was getting older and a little more talkative," Joan Atwater said.

    Atwater also had a 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, Bratton said.

    Atwater and the girl's mother had joint custody, and she was in Lucas County this weekend, Bratton said.

    On the social networking site Facebook, Dawn Atwater's profile features family photos, including her husband and children.

    In one comment on the Atwaters' wedding photo, which features Alan, Dawn and Atwater's 12-year-old daughter, a friend asks why no one's smiling.

    "Yeah, we were fighting on our wedding day!!!!" Dawn wrote.

    The friend followed up with kind encouragement.

    Bratton said he doesn't understand Alan Atwater's actions.

    "The one thing I can't get over is that he chose this," Bratton said, going on to say there is help for every person in any given situation.

    "This is just a tragedy," he said. "I am baffled how anyone could point a gun and kill a little child."

    The case remains under investigation by the sheriff's office and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation.

    Bratton said Sunday he wasn't certain if autopsies had been completed by the Lucas County Coroner's Office.

    Funeral arrangements for all five Atwaters are pending at Crosser Funeral Home in Oak Harbor.

    This is the second multiple murder in Ottawa County in six months. B.J. Liske was arrested and charged with the Halloween murders of his father, stepmother and stepbrother in their Benton Township home. Liske is at the Erie County Jail awaiting trial.

    "For some reason, this is how people are finding a resolution to their problems," Bratton said. "I wish I had an answer, but I don't."

    Email Vince Guerrieri at vguerrie@gannett.com.
    Email James Proffitt at jproffit@gannett.com.

    FATHER Slaughters Family; Wife, 3 Kids


    Amplify’d from www.thenews-messenger.com
    Brady Atwater.
    Ashley Atwater.
    Isaac Atwater.
    Dawn Atwater.

    "There's been a terrible accident at my house," Atwater matter-of-factly told a dispatcher. "My wife and three children are dead. Gunshot wounds, and I'm getting ready to kill myself right now."

    Police believe Alan Atwater, 31, shot his wife Dawn, 30, and their children Ashley, who just celebrated her fourth birthday about two weeks earlier; Isaac Atwater, 2, and Brady Atwater, 1 1/2. Alan Atwater called the Ottawa County Sheriff's Office at 12:11 a.m. Saturday morning.

    Read more at www.thenews-messenger.com