Claudine Dombrowski: Will She and Her Daughter Finally Get Justice?


I’m not saying good luck.  Luck shouldn’t be a part of judges following the law and battered mothers receiving justice.  I was in court with Claudine Dombrowski in Kansas this past January when Judge David Debenham looked her abuser, Hal Richardson, in the eyes and warned that he was to follow the court’s orders and allow Claudine phone calls and two hours a week visitation with her daughter, a first in six years.  Guardian ad Litem Jill Dykes, staunch supporter of Abuser Hal, rolled her eyes and snorted frequently throughout the hearing like a bratty toddler, as she tried to stop what came to be finally justice for Claudine and her daughter.

Claudine at the hospital after one of many beatings from Hal Richardson

Well, Hal has done everything he could not to follow the courts orders and has had 67 violations of not following those orders.  Jill Dykes has done everything in her power to drag out the hearing until they get their favorite judge back on the case.  Nobody has thought about the daughter who has been tortured over finally having a little sweet contact with her mother finally, just to have it snatched away against the court orders.

So here’s to Claudine as she goes into court at 9 a.m. this morning with other supporters.  Sweetie, we all have your back.  Come out of that courtroom with a change in custody.  Only then will justice finally be served.