17 Kids w/o Moms their Moms Were Killed


17 children left Motherless after their moms were MURDERED by their male partners, ex-partners (Orlando, Florida)

Let's write this headline honestly, rather than in the "father-friendly" way favored by the fathers rights people. We do not have 17 children who have been left "parentless." We have 17 children who have been robbed of their mothers (e.g. left motherless) because their father (or stepfather or Mom's current/former boyfriend) KILLED HER. In 12 of these cases, the cowardly father/boyfriend/step CHOSE to kill himself rather than face the consequences. And in 5 cases, the daddy/boyfriend/step IS STILL ALIVE (e.g. still a "parent") but in jail. Saying "parentless" really strips the headline of agency, doesn't it? And it fudges the truth. Of who did what to whom. Once again, male violence directed against women is neatly erased, even when the results are reported.
12 were orphaned when both parents were killed in murder-suicides. The mothers of the remaining five children were killed and the father or step-father jailed
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