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Help MOMS Protect

High Profile Mothers


There have been many mothers who are considered high profile as their situations have been told in numerous news articles throughout the country.  For many there appeared to have been sufficient evidence to verify their child's report of abuse. 

These mothers all have several things in common.  First and foremost, they all love their children and they all believe that the children were and in many cases still are being abused.  These mothers have tried to protect their children to the best of their abilities.  They have spend years in litigations and many thousands of dollars in legal fees.  Some have spent time in jail and some are currently in prison for doing what they felt was morally right, protecting their children. 

While many of these mothers do have evidence of the abuse, the courts in some cases refused to allow the evidence and therefore the question of the mothers receiving a fair trial is questionable.

We present these cases so that you, the public, can read and form your own opinion if the courts in this country are treating protective parents and their children properly.

We advocate for all abused children and their protective parents, regardless of gender.  However, we do not have any situation of any father losing a child to a mother who abused their child.  If you know of such a case please forward it with substantiated proof and we will review it and give any and all cases their equal space.  Thank you

Please note that a reported case of child abuse which is rule unfounded or dismissed is not the same as the abuse did not happen just not proven.  Likewise, an unfounded or dismissed case does not mean that there was a false allegation.  A report of child abuse can be reported anonymously so why would a person make a false report and give their information knowing that they would be incriminating themselves as false reporting is illegal?  Claiming to be falsely accused is probably the most common defense used.  

As advocate for protective parents, we ask that you view this information on these parents and think of them, their feelings, their fears, losing their homes, families, friends, some their jobs but worst of all their children.  

We might like or not like one or all of these women but please do put yourself in their shoes for a little while.

To dismissed these cases as simple he said--she said is to side with the guilty party.  These are not about divorce or child support or a custody dispute--these are about children being harmed.

In most cases, the children are the first reporter of abuse but the abuse began with the abuser.

While in criminal court, one has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be found guilty, however, a verdict of not guilty does not means the accused did not commit the crime, simply not enough evidence for all to agree to a guilty verdict. 

Did the verdict of not guilty for OJ bring Nicole and Ron back to life?  No, they have still been murdered.  Civil court did find OJ liable and yet, he is still considered not guilty by criminal law.

People say there are 3 sides to every story, usually implying the the truth lies somewhere in between.  That philosophy can be very damaging to the one speaking the truth for it immediately validates the lie.  Likewise to take the position of not taking a side is indeed taking the side of the wrongdoer. 

No where is it more important to listen to both sides with an open mind than where their are allegation of child abuse and or domestic violence. 

When one takes to time to listen and check out the evidence, than one can form an educated non bias opinion and begin to help.

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Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] Battered Mothers Rights - A Human Rights Issue.