KS SB 128 By Senator Faust-Goudeau “Fatherhood Initiatives Act” is genocide on Kansas women and children


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Just adding more of my blood (again) to an already genocide act/and fabulous new law -thx KanSUCKS.image005

Her response “ I created the Fatherhood Initiatives Act to Help Battered mothers” ..

well gee thx from a ‘battered’ mother- ‘You may as well have given them a loaded gun ….AND a get out of jail free card.”



Battered Mothers Rights – A Human Rights domestic-violence-ad2Issue

Promoting the BATTERED mothers rights to protect their children’s rights to a safe and loving life.

KS SB 128 By Senator Faust-Goudeau “Fatherhood Initiatives Act” is genocide on Kansas women and children

I am just sickened by not following this- 2009 session KS SB 128 FR act. I have been busy just trying to stay safe- keep my daughter safe on a daily basis- it is truly a war zone.

Then, SB 128 below was -sent to me from another state- when a KS fellow humanist points out the almost already LAW that would further place women and children in the exact situation as my daughter and I have had to endure this past 15 years. There are simply no words I can say…. I feel as though the coffin is being sealed with a nail gun, faster than I can keep pulling them out….the air has left my lungs as though knocked out of me again.

I am not familiar with the politics, bills and other sleaze ball stuff in Kansas until it comes to my attention, from a 14 year old girl whose rapist- convicted of 20 felony counts of rape and sodomy, was given probation- so he could ‘go get custody of his children”. Kansas you recall Orlando Paul Cisneros- Most recall only the outrage of his crime against the beautiful she was 13 then (aged 14 by court) yes another easy on the perp technicality.

I think that most missed one small part in WHY Orlando Paul Cisneros was given probation as it was overshadowed by the obvious -a recommended 15 years ‘departed’ to probation-

Orlando Paul Cisneros was in part granted as soon as he was given probation he immediately as per the Fatherhood Indicatives Act- sought custody of his two children. Fortunately We the people kept the pressure on Judge Dowd- Media in the Court room of Judge Schmidt- those two children were spared thanks to a 5th probation violation by Cisneros.

But dear God, help all those other children and their mothers those perps whom have discovered the Criminal Rewards in the Judiciary.

The Fatherhood Initiatives Act is genocide to all battered women and their children, rather than SRS pay a mother and child food stamps and keep them safe- the FR act promotes welfare reform, getting rid of ‘dead beat dads’ ‘fixing them FORCING dads that are better off gone into a YOU WILL BE DAD. The incentives for the State- are faith based funds to PAY for bad dad drug dad therapy, to pay his attorney to get custody of his victims and to cause generations of irreparable harm – all because the STATE wants to remove a mom (and her children from State aid) hundreds and thousands of dollars to ‘fix’ defunct dad”  Anger Management classes, Drug and alcohol classes PARENTING classes- these many agencies will make a a significant profit per child until that child ages through the system….and in most cases continues to beat rape and abuse both, the mother and the children.

So the Secretary can go in and say- yes we have less mother and children’s on state care-and all these defunct Mental Health Court Whores who must protect abusive dad we can ‘fix’ him we can cure him- at least we can treat him throughout his ‘fatherliness until the children age out” ($$) of course it works on one end.. 

the severe scars left – on the children and their mother- (no profit $$ to be made) no treatment… that’s if they survive. dead mothers and dead children. This is the cost of the Fatherhood Initiatives act. aka Welfare reform, another very hard hit to women and children in Kansas.

If ever there were at time to put aside our differences- and try to stop this-now would be a good time.

I will however will raise as much noise as I can demanding this not be entered into the statutes – and adding insult to injury the “HB 2314 Protective Parent Reform Act” which would have spared some- was completely tossed aside. Kansas Senate you should be ashamed- as you know each and everyone of you know all to well  the costs of lives… the children, SRS and the parents who try to protect them.

Stay tuned- as I will muster what little i have left and give it all to stopping this last minute genocide …

for now I just needed to get this out-like throwing up- only I do not feel better.  Thank you mad voter for eyes younger than mine and seeing this for me…. perhaps there still can be a chance.

Session of 2009



By Senator Faust-Goudeau


AN ACT creating and implementing the fatherhood initiative program;

relating to the duties of the department of social and rehabilitation


Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Kansas:

Section 1. (a) Subject to the provisions of appropriation acts, the secretary of

social and rehabilitation services shall establish a fatherhood initiative program

within the department of social and rehabilitation services.

The objectives of the initiative shall be to:

18 (1) Promote public education concerning the financial and emotional

19 responsibilities of fatherhood;

20 (2) assist men in preparation for the legal, financial and emotional

21 responsibilities of fatherhood;

22 (3) promote the establishment of paternity at childbirth;

23 (4) encourage fathers, regardless of marital status, to foster their emo-

24 tional connection to and financial support of their children;

25 (5) establish support mechanisms for fathers in their relationship with

26 their children, regardless of their marital and financial status;

27 (6) integrate state and local services available for families; and

28 (7) promote, foster, encourage and otherwise support programs de-

29 signed to educate and train young men who are both current and future

30 fathers as to effective parenting skills, behaviors and attitudes.

31 (b) The secretary, on or before the first day of the regular legislative

32 session, shall report annually to the legislature:

33 (1) The number of fathers and children participating in the program;

34 (2) an overview of any moneys spent on the program; and

35 (3) the cost-savings analysis of implementing the program by having

36 children build and retain a relationship with their father.

37 (c) The secretary may adopt any rules and regulations necessary to

38 implement the provisions of this section.

39 Sec. 2. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its

40 publication in the statute book.

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