Topeka, Kansas, Court Whores; M.Jill Dykes GAL, Odyssey and Don Hoffman Atty. for the PERP Halleck Richardson- wife beater and child abuser, hydroponic Marijuana grower (ohhhh …and snitch) oopps is the cat out of bag ..?


Note: Cross posted from [wp angelfury] I will not SHUT UP , GIVE UP and I WONT go away!!.


Hal Richardson – wife beater- child abuser- More coming on the state seeds and gardening crew in Topuka KanSUCKS  later ( snitches get away with murder ya know) So—secrets are all already on line and will be posted daily- new and evolving Soap Opera of the State whores and their snicth allies- stay tuned on that one)

Odyssey Group of Topeka KS (a Private for Profit by Child Abuse Agency)  has aligned with the GAL Court Whore  M. Jill Dykes and they have been tag teaming… But-

As is Karma baby!! it is coming back around ( thx people who DONT LIKE SNITCHES- for all their valuable info) and on the judiciary side Thanks to Tuck Duncan Lawyer assigned to my case for my direct Contempt hearing in April –Yes,  I am Guilty” I have Contempt for the Courts and the Court whores-

this is good


(side note- as well my address has been compromised) BUT the good is that a National apartment leasing company has waived all and will maintain my confidentiality- All I have to do is make it through to just after the 1st of the month!) Freaking easy as pie Toto!!!

 I WILL NOT SHUT UP, GIVE UP and I WILL NOT GO AWAY! (and I WILL expose the whores of the Court in Shawnee County KanSUCKS! (think they will get the memo yet ?)

2009 September 22 -Tuck to Hoffman -demand for visits now aint that the shit..?

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2009 September 22 -tuck to Hoffman -demand for visits


Court Appointed Child Abuser M. Jill Dykes

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Gunpowder and Lead Domestic Violence in Custody Cases

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