DV Victims: Her Course Of Justice


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DV Victims: Her Course Of Justice

In recent news, it has beenreported that "women abusers" are on the rise. No doubt that the phenomena exists and it has never been doubted by domestic violence advocates. What has often sparked debate in the past is whether the majority of victims are women as reported by the world health organization that prompted the UN to launch a worldwide campaign against violence towards women. What anc news has not exposed is what we will expose here. There is a secret war going on between the survivors and the perpetrators. Every effort on an official level is sabotaged by those who intend to suppress this war on women.

Mens groups have glided in the lime light over the years dashing in and out of the spotlight particularly when it is revealed that their organizations have in fact supported perpetrators. In 1995 Lone fathers channeled its resources into supporting Keith Shew, a man who claimed Brisbane Domestic Violence Resource

Centre had discriminated against him as the perpetrator rather than a victim. He was denied access to the shelter that his wife was residing.

After the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission dismissed the claims, Barry Williams of the Lone Fathers Association went very public and threatened to take it to the United Nations. They were stopped short when an investigative journalist from the Courier Mail uncovered a series of violent criminal charges that Mr Shew had engaged in. To rescue the reminents of his already tarnished reputation, Mr Williams withdrew his support of Mr Shew. His charade was later reported in the Green Left:

It was later debated in parliament on how extreme this group was within its statements and activities. In 1999 Tanya Plibersek stated,

"In 1997, when a mother was granted leave to move

from Queensland to Victoria with her daughters, the

Lone Fathers Association spokesperson responded by


. . . violence would result, and judges would have

blood on their hands."

Every step that has been made to secure the safety and rights of women and children, the mens movements have been there to ensure a back step was taken. The issue of violence against women and children is the heart of the women's movement and what drives so many to ensure that there are adequate protections for them.

Yet at every point of uncovering the greatest scandals of our times, the mens movements have stood on the doorstep blocking every opportunity for change.

The research, policy, funding and even down to the training of the police force, have all been sabotaged. Geoff Holland the director of the Equal Parenting Party, made the following comments:

In this statement, he admits that a member of the Lone Fathers Association represents batterers when the police are called out. This explains why the stats of domestic violence in NSW point towards towards women being treated as "perpetrators".

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Adding insult to injury for women, some of the men involved are lawyers who have become bitter post divorce. Their ability to cause damage through organizational and systematic abuse is great and if anyone had a case of perverting the course of justice for survivors, the great discourse from protecting women from violence would be it.

Furthermore "One Ring Rules" Wayne Butler, the site director and a director of many other sites recommends that they must also "denounce" violence against women.

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The behavior of the Lone Fathers Association acting on behalf of perpetrators is evidential in this2006 article, where it states:

Battered women are being wrongly prosecuted by NSW Police, an advocacy group says.

A report launched on Sunday by the Redfern Legal Centre in Sydney said police called to the scene of domestic violence often lacked the experience to properly interpret the situation.

The report, which has been forwarded to the NSW Ombudsman, is based on the study of seven women who had been assaulted by their partners but found themselves in court after calling police.

Police failed to take into account the emotional state of the female victims and could be manipulated by the often calmer men into believing they acted in self-defence, the report said.

Clearly, it is not the social trend that has dramatically changed within the span of two years but the ever-growing traps laid for women in their bid for freedom from violence against them.

It is...

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