Boy found in wall: Was his mother justified in hiding him?


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by Melysa Schmitt
Tuesday September 08, 2009, 9:01 PM

(AP Photo / Chekevdia Family)Richard Chekevdia, who disappeared in November 2007, was found in a wall in his grandmother's home on Friday.

Six-year-old Richard "Ricky" Chekevdia had been missing for nearly two years before he wasfound behind a wall in his grandmother's Illinois home.

Ricky and his mother, 30-year-oldShannon Wilfong, disappeared in November 2007 after his father was awarded temporary custody. They were found Friday hiding in a small crawl space, roughly 5 feet by 12 feet, in Diane Dobbs' house, according to reports.

While Dobbs has been released on bail, Wilfong remains in custody and has been charged with felony abduction.

As a single parent, I can understand the anxiety that stems from visitation and custody arrangements. A piece of you is missing each time you hand off your child and it's often hard to trust that the other parent can handle every situation that arises when you aren't around.

However, abducting a child and purposely keeping them from the other parent, let alone hiding them in a crawl space, is incomprehensible.

Diane Dobbs, Ricky's grandmother, told "Good Morning America" that she and her daughter were only trying to protect the boy from his father. Both Dobbs and Wilfong claim that Ricky's father, Mike Chekevdia, sexually abused him and authorities never performed a full investigation to prove otherwise.

Mike Chekevdia said the allegations are untrue. "I was investigated three times, and I complied with everybody's desires and wishes in those investigations, and every one of those investigations were unfounded,'' he told the show.

I find it hard to understand how anyone can justify keeping a 6-year-old captive. There are no records of him attending school or even seeing a doctor in the past 2 years.

According to The Associated Press, the boy claims he was not even allowed outside in the sun.

In my eyes, these women are guilty of their own abuse; it's called neglect.

Were this mother and grandmother justified in taking the law into their own hands? Or are authorities to blame for not continuing their investigation?

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