The Path Unpaved


Note: Cross posted from ~Love For Her Daughter~.


For my daughter my mother, for myself, for HOPE for Humanity-Don't give up Ever!!!



The Path Unpaved


I've walked this path alone so often,
I know it's form by heart.
And now, as always, my footing's unsure,
on its unstable and rocky start.

I second-guess each step I take,
for fear I'll slip and fall,

That one wrong step will lend me to,
an end that ends it all.

One misplaced foot, one careless word,
an avalanche begins;
The tug of war of heart and mind,
till one of them finally wins.

Each time I've walked this troubled path,
It’s ended  journey not together,
Each time I fear that to walk it again,
will tear me apart forever.

I haven't the strength to walk it alone,
nor the energy, if only I knew..
As every time I take this route,
I fear it may be my last too.

I don't know how to stop the pain,
Of traveling down this road again.
I've fought it time and over,
only to start it over again.

Yet each and every day I persevere,

As I steady my Unstable start:

I know that only change can come

From all of Passions Heart.

So if I must, I’ll rest awhile.

Ignore the Siren song.

Take comfort in the truth I dare

Unshakably, I will try to stand eternally strong.

© AngelFury


Note: Cross posted from ~Love For Her Daughter~.