Odyssey Group of Kansas Pilots Program for ‘Pedophile Family Re- integration’ Program (While keeping Battered mothers away from their Children)


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While talking with a ‘supervisor’ about this program- (same supervisor that supervises myself and my daughter for our only visitations) at $40.00 per hour- no pay no see- and IF you pay still battering dad can stop visits) FYI The supervisor whom at this point shall remain anonymous for the time being….


“ that the reason for this program..(I shit you not) was that ‘their stats’ (THEIR own stats mind you)-‘ showed that when a sexual offender is caught’ and RE fucking ‘integrated back into the same family for which HE offended-‘ that the stats (their Stats again) showed a DECLINE in the pedophile charges-‘ no fucking gee wonder why that would be..??

 Ohh and by the way, they get State and County funding for this…

yup Your Tax dollars hard at work…again.

but meanwhile battered mommies- have to pay full price- go fucking figure <scratching head> –sigh.. Criminal rewards… yet again.


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SAPA (Sexual Abuse Prevention & Advocacy)

The purpose of the program is to serve children, adolescents & their families who are affected by issues regarding inappropriate sexual behaviors. The program serves both victims and offenders..


Features and Benefits

SAPA has a wide variety of services designed to support the building of successful strategy teams to assist clients in reaching their goals of preventing abuse and the need for out-of-home placements. The primary purpose of each service is to be utilized as part of the client's strategic plan. The program will work differently for each individual, but we have services that can help them in every aspect of their lives. The following is a list of those services:

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Support Services
  • Supervised Visits
  • Family Therapy
  • In-home Family Therapy

Youth that participate in this program will be able to receive all or as little as one of these services. Each youth's needs are evaluated at the time of intake, based on situation, family input, case worker input, clinician recommendation, and ability to pay for services

SAPA: Information

It is our intent to work in a respectful partnership with individuals, families, and other natural and professional supports, using collaborative processes to build upon strengths and abilities, and to help maintain stability and independence through self-directed goals and motivation.

Population that we serve

We serve juveniles under the age of 18 and their family members. We have two different programs that we utilize depending on the age and cognitive ability of the offender.

How treatment is conducted

Treatment is conducted in the individual and the group setting . Group spaces will be limited, so a client may receive individual services while waiting for a group opening. A juvenile can receive both individual and group services simultaneously.

Treatment completion

Treatment is completed based on the client completing the program and the recommendation of the treatment clinician. A certificate of completion will be given to the youth once their program is complete. JJA workers, court services workers, and case managers will receive a monthly report of the youth's progress.


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