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A Walk For A Life Lost!


This October it will be 2 years since the 23 year old mother of two,Stacy Peterson vanished. While friends and family continue to look for her remains there are others out there alive whom desperately need our assistance. Funds are being cut for children, legal and shelter services for woman across the country. Agencies whom provide these vital and life saving services now depend on every penny to help its' victims.

Last week on The Susan Murphy Milano show we had as a guestAmy Leichtenberg. She is the mother of Duncan and Jack whom were assassinated last year by their father while on an unsupervised visatation. Allowed by our court system to slaughter innocent children. On the show Amy talked about what got her through the court system while her children were still alive she said it was the programs provided by the agency in her area. She talked about the counseling for her and the therapy and children's programs for her kids. "They looked forward to going each week and healing."

Whether you live in Kansas or California we all saw the news coverage for some 18 months before my least favorite cowardly"dickless wonder" was arrested for the murder ofKathleen Savio. I realize we cannot bring these women or their children back among the living, but, we can take action and support services that are providing a life line for victims of violence and their children.

We all watched the news coverage on MSNBC, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CNN, HLN, our local stations as they brought the horrific plight of two women's lives across our television and Internet screens Kathleen Savio and Stacy Peterson as their abuser strutted on screen saying "Stacy took off with $25,000 and a red bikini or she left with another man."

We need to send a message of hope to the surviving children of Stacy Peterson whom will never see their mother again by either participating in the event below or making a monetary contribution in honor of Stacy Ann Peterson. The information is below, please a moment to donate whatever you can.

Angels For Stacy

Angels Against Abuse Walk Time: October 24, 2009 from 8am to 7pm

Location: Hammel Woods Street: Crumby Recreation AreaCity/Town: Shorewood, IL

On Saturday, October 24, several local area people will be partnering with Guardian Angel Community Services for a 5K walk to raise funds to continue their services to victims and families ofdomestic violence.

They have set up a team, "Angels For Stacy" partnering with Peace4 the Missing to give everyone an opportunity to participate.If you are nearby, we hope you will walk, if you aren't, we hope you will help with support, sponsorship, or donations, if you can. Please join our Team and show your support for Stacy Peterson, ALL missing persons, and the victims of domestic abuse. It's FREE to join and be a member! sponsored by Guardian Angels Community Services, 501c3 organization.For more info on how you can change a life and donate CLICK HERE

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