Kansas Mediators aka Court Whore’s who profit from spilled blood funded by YOUR $tax$


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Kansas Community Mediation Services 


“ A Mediator in all and any Legal venue is a BLOCK to  YOUR RIGHT to ACCESS  JUSTICE!!!~ and the court whores get paid by each victim not only in their blood but individual pay as well as Sate and Federal Funding.

be afraid- be very afraid This is GOVERNMENT at work mandated into FAMILIES- their is no justice- JUST US!!”


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About Kansas Community Mediation Services

Kansas Community Mediation Services is a non-profit agency that serves Shawnee County and Northeast Kansas. We provide mediation services to individuals who have a dispute with others to find solutions to those disputes and reach a mutually acceptable agreement. At the same time, we try, if possible, to improve the relationships that exist between all parties.

Mediation is an alternative to today's judicial system. With mediation, the parties decide the outcome of the dispute, not the mediators nor a judge.

When people are willing to work together to reach an agreement, mediation can be the best process to find solutions any problem. Mediation can be used in workplace disputes, parenting plans, neighborhood disagreements, or anywhere two or more people have a problem to solve. Kansas Community Mediation Services can help find solutions to those problems.

The services provided by Kansas Community Mediation Services are Victim Offender Mediation, Parent Adolescent Mediation, Domestic Mediation, Workplace Mediation, as well as other specialized mediation programs.

Kansas Community Mediation Services uses the principle of Restorative Justice in its mediation processes.

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