Help MOMS Protect The Children




Jennifer Collins
In September 2008, Jennifer Collins, a child victim of the PAS strategy (now 23), recounted on the nationally televised “Mike & Juliet Show” how her abusive father used the PAS strategy to gain custody of her and her brother, despite a court finding of domestic violence by the father and medical evidence supporting a child abuse report that the father had fractured her 4 year-old brother’s skull.

ALANNA KRAUSE CASE, Marin County, California. A "hellish" childhood, placed into the custody of her father, attorney Marshall Krause, who she says was abusive.""If we forgot Alanna was a child, and we put her in this situation as an adult, she would be suing someone who beat her up and who denied her a relationship with her mother, and an attorney and a therapist who sold her out. The same [legal] standards should be applied to kids. There is this illusion that we are protecting kids, while we're actually doing so much damage to them." -- Richard Ducote, Alanna's lawyer.

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