Murdered Mothers Parents Trying To Get Custody


The Children are with the Paternal Grandparents After the Father was convicted of wifes murder.

Again, I ask, Why do the parents of a convicted murderer even have custody of the Children? Why were these children not placed with their mothers family--

Killers and their families are rewarded for their crimes.

Custody hearing in July.

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Basy Barrera cut Kari Baker’s hair for 13 years before Baker was murdered in 2006.

Now Barrera is one of many who are donating goods and services in a unique fundraising effort to help Baker’s parents pay legal expenses in their battle for custody of their granddaughters, Grace and Kensi.

“I just feel very close to that family,” said Barrera, who also styles the hair of Baker’s mother, two of her aunts and one of her nephews. “I would do anything to help them, especially help them get those girls. I miss Kari and I hope her parents get the girls because that is what Kari would have wanted. That is why they are doing all the things they have done.”

Baker’s parents, James and Linda Dulin, who live in Woodway, never believed that their 31-year-old daughter, a teacher, committed suicide, as her April 2006 death initially was ruled.

They convinced Hewitt officials to reopen the investigation and filed a civil lawsuit alleging that Kari Baker’s husband, Central Texas Baptist minister Matt Baker, killed her so he could be with his mistress.

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