Attention Judges and Lawmakers: This is the REAL AGENDA of the Father’s Rights Movement


I had been alerted to this website, and I find myself feeling sick (again). It is these corrupt tactics that ensure children are taken from their mothers. I see these tactics used and talked about all the time….they are implied by father’s rights lawyers in their advertising. Mothers need to know what they are up against if their abuser wants the children. Because one of the main reasons besides wanting to punish and control his victim (you), getting out of paying child support and possibly getting it from his victim is at the top of his list.
Personally I think that if the child support issue was tossed out or dealt with more fairly for everyone’s sake, fathers would probably be in favor of letting children continue being with their primary caregiver instead of ripping them away. But there are always the abusers out there that nothing else matters except hurting their victim.
This is from a real father’s rights site and repost on the appropriately named blog World O’ Crap:
Source: The REAL AGENDA of the Father’s Rights Movement

So you have a child with a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend or ex-wife, and you are wondering what is going to happen to your children. The first thing you need to be aware of is this: The laws and family court system are not set up fairly towards fathers. The laws are set up to award custody to the parent who has had the most involvement so far raising the child, which means the parent who has worked the least – this is virtually always the mother. This usually guarantees that the mother will receive custody of the child, and since child support is mandatory, that you will be paying several hundred dollars in child support to her each month. Now does this make sense?

Hell no! Why should the parent who has had the most involvement in raising the child get custody of the child? But even more importantly, why should the other parent have to pay to support that child after splitting with its mother? (As the author says later, “A fairer system would be to eliminate child support and have the parent who is fortunate enough to be awarded custody have full responsibility for providing for the children when they are with that parent.” And if we had that fairer system, you could let your bitch of an ex have custody of the damned rugrats. But since we have our current unfair system, your only recourse is to get custody of the kids so that you can save some bucks. Um, and do what’s best for your precious offspring. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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