Family of Domestic Abuse Fatality Victim Speak Out


On May 26, 2010 Mike Peterson took a gun and shot his wife to death in the home they had shared for more than three decades.

“She says, ‘Jordan don't forget about your dentist's appointment and I love you and I said I love you too mom’,” said Peterson.

But the day would end in unimaginable sorrow.

“Never heard her voice again,” said Peterson.

The Sisto family quickly learned that Mike Peterson had shot Kaye Marie three times in the head and then put one bullet in his own head.

"Both victims were found on the floor right inside the front entryway of the home,” Duluth Police Officer Brad Wick told media on May 27th of last year.

Life since the murder-suicide has been filled with grief and questions about what they could have done to prevent the tragedy.

“A nice middle class family, no domestic violence calls, no advocacy, no record of any kind and she was still brutally murdered by her husband,” said Linda Riddle, the executive director of Domestic Abuse Intervention Programs.

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