FATHER with History of Domestic Violence Kills his 7 Month old Son


Lee Ross Barbone, admitted to hitting the child.

According to those public records, doctors said the baby had multiple skull fractures, the back of his head was caved in and he had severe bruises on his left ear.

The boy's father, Lee Ross Barbone has been charged with first-degree murder

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Records: Barbone Admitted To Hitting Baby; Autopsy Results In

Neighbors Devastated By Murder Charge

Barbone tried to quiet his son down when he started crying at 1:30 a.m. Monday. Barbone changed his diaper and tried to get the baby to fall asleep with him on a couch. Barbone allegedly admitted to the reporting officer that when the boy would not quiet down, he struck the baby on the back of the head with his fist and then elbowed him in the head,
Barbone had been living with his girlfriend and her two other children
Barbone had moved out after being charged with domestic battery,
Barbone had visitation custody with the infant, according to court records.
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