Mother Of Fatally Beaten Infant Twins Speaks Out At Fathers Conviction


BARABOO, Wis. -- The Baraboo mother whose husband was convicted of killing their infant twins three years ago is breaking her silence.

Co-Parenting again- "I Never should have left my children with him.'

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At just 5 weeks old, twins Tyler and Savannah were victims of a savage beating that ended their lives, tore a family apart and subsequently landed their father in prison
"I thought it was just me that made him angry," she said.
Bird-Winbun claims that the cycle of abuse that left her children dead started before they were even born, although she hasnt always known that.
What most people don't know or understand is that violence can turn to homicide overnight,
said that child abuse can escalate quickly. She said she is telling her story in hopes of helping to end child abuse once and for all. She said she doesn't want what happened to her children to happen to others.
"I can only say to people who say I never should have left Tyler and Savannah with him, that they are absolutely correct," said Bird-Winbun.
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