My Dad Just "Killed" my mom. 911 call


Crimes committed against other are NOT TRAGEDIES- they are OUTRAGES!

Media miss in headline.

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Mehovic home

The 37-year-old mother “feared for her life and that of her
children,” according to Attorney Theodore J. Wurz of Plainville,
whom Saudina Mehovic hired in September 2009 during the couple’s
divorce proceedings. The couple had two teenage children, Emir, 14,
and Haris, 16.

“There was a threat of imminent violence, and she said he had a
gun hidden somewhere in the house,” Wurz said Sunday. “It surprised
me that he went through with it, but I’m not shocked.”

The court found him in contempt for failure to pay child
support, but Saudina Mehovic did not want to press the matter, Wurz
said. In April, a court ordered one of the family’s properties in
town to be sold, Wurz said.

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