Yazmina's murderous dad should get 'worst child killer' sentence


Ramazan Kerem Acar, 24, fatally stabbed his daughter Yazmina Micheline Acar on November 17 last year— six days before her third birthday — in what the Supreme Court heard yesterday was an act of hatred towards his former partner Rachelle D’Argent.

The court heard the wounds missed all vital organs and, as such, the time between sustaining the injuries and her passing away would have been ‘‘quite prolonged’’.

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A MAN who has pleaded guilty to the ‘‘chilling’’ murder of his two-year-old daughter should receive a sentence similar to Victoria’s worst child killers, a court has heard.

Acar kidnapped Yazmina from Ms D’Argent’s Hallam home, then provided updates to her  via phone calls and text messages about his plans to murder their daughter, prosecutor Peter Rose, SC, said.

Ms D’Argent pleaded with him for several hours to bring her home as he ‘‘taunted’’ her, and in one call he allowed Ms D’Argent and Yazmina tell each other they loved one another. He also posted messages on the social networking website, Facebook, which included: ‘‘Bout 2 kill ma kid’’, before he stabbed Yazmina multiple times in the chest and stomach.

He then dumped her body in vacant land in Melbourne’s north west, threw away the knife he had used and set his car on fire.

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