Why Don’t We End Domestic Violence? Society has the knowledge and ability to prevent a large majority of domestic violence crimes and especially murders-So why don't they use it?


"Great piece by Barry Goldstein. Reporters who continue to wring their hands and treat each domestic violence murder as a mystery and inexplicable "tragedy" need to take note."

Society has the knowledge and ability to prevent a large majority of domestic violence crimes and especially murders. It is not like cancer or heart disease which would require some fundamental changes in human behavior to achieve massive reductions. We could easily put together a change in laws, policies and practices and quickly end the danger of domestic violence for most women and children. If we could as readily prevent most of the deaths from earthquakes, tornados, cancer or terror attacks, we would not hesitate to do so. Why should we continue to tolerate the enormous harm caused by abusers? Many of our leaders have spoken of and dreamed of a world without domestic violence. This is a worthy goal, but I am not naïve enough to believe we can end all domestic violence in our lifetimes. We can, however create a massive reduction in domestic violence crimes. I say let’s do it.

Domestic violence is not inevitable. It can be prevented. Our daughters and granddaughters can grow up in a world in which domestic violence crimes are rare. The worst crime would be if we take the knowledge, research and ability we have to substantially reduce domestic violence crimes and instead find some excuse to force women and children to continue to suffer

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The basic reforms that would create a massive reduction in domestic violence crime should not be in dispute. Experts may differ about some of the specifics around the edges, but the decisions on those issues would not affect the positive outcome if we included the practices that have been shown to work. We are working on a more complete and detailed agenda for the second volume of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, ABUSE and CHILD CUSTODY, but we already know the basics of what is needed. Here is what any reform agenda would include
Coordinated Community Response:
Make it Easier for Victims to Obtain Protective Orders:
Strict Enforcement of Criminal Laws and Violations of Protective Orders
Lethality Assessment:
Give Domestic Violence Cases the First Priority:
Best Interests of the Child Should Mean Safety is the First Priority:
Use of Current Scientific Research:
New Approach to Child Sexual Abuse in Custody Cases:
Use of Victim’s Advocate:
Early Domestic Violence Hearings in Custody Cases:
Use of Domestic Violence Experts:
Retraining Court Professionals:
Limit Role of Mental Health Professionals to their Area of Expertise:
Gender Bias:
Improved Police Role in Ending Domestic Violence:
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