Agency response probed in caged boy's death his FATHER Charged with Murder


Police investigators believe Christian Choate was buried in 2009, after he died following years of physical abuse that included being kept in a wire dog cage. Christian’s father, Riley Choate, and step-mother, Kimberly Kubina, have been charged with murder, battery and neglect charges in connection with the boy’s death.

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“As a result of the tragic death of Christian Choate, the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) has initiated an expedited examination of this case,” said the DCS release issued this afternoon.
Police and relatives have said the family, which included as many as 10 children, nieces and nephews of Choate and Kubina, had been investigated by child welfare authorities during the years prior to Christian’s abuse.
One neighbor said she twice called child welfare authorities in the spring and summer of 2008
Court records show he died in the spring of 2009
Riley Choate
strike the boy in the head.
citing privacy laws, would not confirm whether there had been prior allegations of abuse or intervention by the state.
Indiana officials today announced they have launched an “expedited” investigation into the events surrounding the death of a 13-year-old boy whose body was found buried in a Gary trailer park last month.
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