Maternal Deprivation -The Art of Mother Fucking


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Maternal Deprivation


On one mahaTmA's 140th year after birthing, his quotation in the Prologue of the Mother - Fucking Trilogy, "Even if I am a Minority of One, the Truth is still the Truth."

--- Mohandas K. Gandhi // // http://bluemaas.public.iastate.edu


"Years ago, still small, I lost my mother.

Everyone wept around me,

but I grieved in silence,

Ignorant that to relieve sorrow,

a flood of tears must fall."

--- Thich Nhat Hanh, Viet Nam

[[[from the 20 September 2009 Domestic Violence by Proxy // http://justice.posterous.com


"Some unfortunate women after years of enduring domestic violence have then lost custody to the batterers who abused them. In these cases, batterers have made good on their threat to attack their ex - partner in the place she is the most vulnerable -- by taking her children away from her.

After separation, these batterers continue to wage their campaign of manipulation and abuse by attempting to convince involved children that their mothers never loved them. [thuggishly ... and hourly ... perpetrating the INVISIBILITY of her].

Looking for a way to describe their batterers' behavior, some mothers have called what their batterer is doing "parental alienation syndrome."

"In reality, what these women are describing from their ex - partners is better termed Domestic Violence by Proxy ..." For the article and more information, see: http://www.leadershipcouncil.org/1/pas/DVP.html

and http://www.thelizlibrary.org/site-index/site-index-frame.html.

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AKA Maternal Deprivation [Syndrome]. Please noncustodial mothers, stop trippin off of pedo "parental alienation syndrome"]]]

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