State of Kansas Domestic Violence Tag Legislation Introduced By Curt and Christi Brungardt (Jana Mackeys Parents)


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State of Kansas

  • Domestic Violence Tag Legislation. Jana's Campaign strongly recommends that Kansas lawmakers pass this important legislation during this upcoming 2010 session. HB2335 is the first comprehensive domestic violence legislation ever proposed in Kansas.
This legislation requires a domestic violence tag to be placed on all legal documents associated with a criminal act that is based on an intimate relationship (where there is a pattern of control or intimidation) thereby holding the offender accountable for committing an act of domestic violence. Having this DV tag is especially important as offenders often repeat their crimes against victims. Therefore, this legislation encourages sanctions be put in place before violence escalates. This bill also requires the courts to order an assessment of the domestic violence offender and recommend interventions and treatments of the offender. Again, the hope is to reduce and eliminate repeat offenses and end the cycle of violence.

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Bill Summary

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Complete Bill

  • Kansas Domestic Violence Batterers Intervention Programming. While not in legislative form yet, Jana's Campaign recommends that those in the Kansas criminal justice system promote the development and use of certified batterers intervention programs around the state. We believe this programming is essential in reducing the cycle of domestic violence. For more information see this link.

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