Mother Pays Tribute To Murdered Children


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7:01pm UK, Thursday October 15, 2009

Tom Parmenter, North of England correspondent

A mother whose two children were allegedly murdered by their father has paid tribute to her "polite, caring, happy babies".

Yolande and Theo Molemohi

Yolanda (L) and Theo were found unconscious in a flat in Whalley Road

Theo Molemohi, two, and Yolanda Molemohi, four, were strangled to death on Wednesday at their home in a Manchester suburb.

Their mother, Morongoe Molemohi, said she "will always remain proud to be their mother".

She said: "I take pride in knowing that they were polite, caring, happy babies.

"I will take strength from their high energy and beautiful smiles.

"Theo would dance, with the most charming smile. He was the only two-year-old who would initiate his own potty training and master it so quickly.

"Yolanda would greet everyone at school by name each morning. She was sociable, happy and full of confident fairydust.

Whalley Road in Manchester

Whalley Road in Manchester

"I will always remain proud to be their mother. Their lives were short but they lived it to their full potential."

Their father Petros Mwashireta, 37, has been arrested on suspicion of killing his young children.

Mwashireta - originally from Zimbabwe - is recovering from a suspected overdose and cannot yet be interviewed by police.

Yolanda and her younger brother Theo had both been strangled.

Mwashireta had been looking after the children on his own after Ms Molemohi moved out of the flat following a separation.

It was only when she returned to the property on Whalley Road, Manchester, to check on the children and pick up some clothes that she found their lifeless bodies.

She is now being supported by specialist police officers.

Neighbours spoke of how the children seemed happy and well-cared for.

They had been seen enjoying themselves at a harvest festival at a nearby church at the weekend.

Manchester City Council have confirmed that the children were not known to their social services teams.

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