Fathers Rights Hit Rock Bottom: The Killer Maniesto


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Fathers Rights Hit Rock Bottom: The Killer Maniesto


If  there was any lower they could go, they have just gone there.  Whilst Australian fathers rights sympathize and support a man on trial for the murder that shocked Australia, in New Zealand, a man yells out, "Bang! Bye bye son. Bang bye bye daughter".  This is just one of the appalling reasons as to why these terrorists should never be given a platform. 

They are in nearly every country in the world, intimidating women and children on their so called, "Court watch", making threats and supporting murders.  

We don't just have an angry movement, these are every countries problem: homegrown terrorists.

Australia had the black shirts intimidating and stalking women and children for what they believed was the right thing to do.  In UK, Fathers 4 justice, threatened to abduct the prime ministers child and held a minister captive whilst they stood on her roof.  Throughout the history of the fathers rights movement,  they are have not been strangers to guns and bombs.  There has also been some liaison between their group members and islamic extremists.   The question is no longer what is to be done, but rather how long shall we tolerate such behavior?

Dad demands rights for fathers

By ANTONIO BRADLEY - The Manawatu Standard

Last updated 12:00 03/10/2009



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Dad demands rights for fathers

BEN CURRAN/Manawatu Standard

MASCULINIST: Protester Benjamin Easton shouts for fathers' rights outside the Palmerston North court house yesterday.

Fathers' rights were shouted to the streets of Palmerston North yesterday.

Five placard-waving people protested against the Family Court's systems outside the Palmerston North court house.

Protester and anti-Family Court activist Benjamin Easton said he wanted better representation for non-custodial fathers, whom he claimed were treated unfairly by the court system.

People passing the protest stopped and talked. Some signed the placards in support with messages such as "it's not fair" and "good luck".

Others called the megaphone slogans noise pollution.

As part of their protest, four other protesters went into the court house and sat on the floor.

Staff told them they could not protest inside the court or outside the main entrance's steps. The protesters complied with their request to move.

Mr Easton said non-custodial fathers loved their children, but court-ordered separations could smash fathers' lives in an instant.

"Bang! Bye bye son. Bang! Bye bye daughter," he shouted through a megaphone.

Mr Easton had an unhappy experience with the Family Court in 2000.

Two of Mr Easton's fellow protesters said separation from their children led some men to depression, alcoholism and even suicide.

"It just haunts you," one supporter said.

"You can't escape it."

Palmerston North Courthouse manager Marcus Vettise said he was advised of Mr Easton's "Paint the Complaint" protest in advance.

"We take a neutral stance ... people have a right to freedom of expression."

It is...

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