Sportscaster had Troubled marriage: So he Strangles her to death


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Sportscaster tells murder trial about troubled marriage


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Sportscaster Rick Ralph recalled Monday his troubled marriage and amicable split with his wife in the months before she and Ralph's girlfriend were found slain in a Markham home.

Ralph was testifying at the Superior Court trial of Christopher Little. He is accused of two counts of first-degree murder in the Feb. 12, 2007, deaths of his estranged wife, Julie Crocker and Ralph's estranged wife, Paula Menendez.

Crocker, 33, who was dating Ralph after his split-up with his wife on Thanksgiving 2006, was found with her throat slashed from ear to collar-bone in the bedroom of her Larkin Avenue home. Menendez, 34, who died from strangulation, was found hanging in the home's garage.

Ralph was in Nova Scotia to attend his father's funeral when his former wife and current girlfriend were killed. He immediately flew back home after the grisly discovery.

Little, 38, a salesman, has pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Ralph told the jury of a friend's birthday party in early September 2006 where he met Little and introduced Crocker to his wife. Crocker, Little and Menendez grew up in Markham and talked about their roots, said Ralph.

Ralph, who married Menendez in July 2003, described their relationship as "rocky" in January 2005. A few months later, the couple took a Cuban holiday, hoping to rekindle their flickering love.

"Nothing had changed," a grim-faced Ralph recalled.

After returning from the Cuban trip, Menendez -- who hadn't slept with Ralph for several months before their vacation -- shocked him with news that she was pregnant. A flabbergasted Ralph asked, "How? How? . . we hadn't slept together for months, but there was one night in Cuba that we just couldn't remember."

And Ralph delivered his own stunning news that he was having an affair.

"I thought I'd better put all my cards on the table. She suggested counselling and I agreed," said Ralph.


Menendez terminated the pregnancy with his consent. Ralph's marriage flounder and the two slept in different bedrooms under the same roof in September 2006.

A couple of months later, Ralph shared a laugh with his estranged wife when she revealed she'd slept with a man -- months after their break-up -- while on a Dominican holiday.

"I said, 'Way to go,' and we both laughed," said Ralph, breaking into a brief smile. In August 2006, Ralph met Crocker -- who also worked for the same company, Rogers Communications, but as a sales rep -- while on a company boat cruise.

Ralph said he became romantically interested in Crocker after his separation.

The trial continues today.

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