Judge of the Day: Kevin P. Moriarty-Kansas UPDATE: Media is starting to disappear on ‘Whistle Blower’ as ‘Retaliation’ begins…


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Judge of the Day: Kevin P. Moriarty




Real quick want to add that the news papers and media are all starting to read ‘differently’  and disappear----now… hmm umm..hmmm..?”

As we go from ‘whistle blower’ to ‘retaliated’—BY law a lawyer MUST report unethical violations and or standards.. well- guess we know that even IF you do-(as we ‘wee’  folk know) a lawyer See Stephan Ware the Good ole boys pick of Judges) that how dare a Lawyer of the ‘club” dare to complain..

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 4:07 PM - By Kashmir Hill

kevin_moriarty.jpgKimberly and Kevin Ireland of Kansas decided in 2007 to file for a divorce. Their case was mediated by state judgeKevin Moriarty. Things did not go well from there.

From a pro se complaint [PDF] against Moriarty posted at Courthouse News Service:

Defendant Moriarty used the word “f*&%” during the mediation… Defendant Moriarty discussed plaintiff Ireland’s female undergarments and referred to the same as “panties” during the mediation… Defendant Moriarty discussed plaintiff Ireland’s sex life during the mediation.

According to Ireland, none of this was relevant to the mediation. But Moriarty thought it was important. And exciting:

Defendant Moriarty appeared to be masturbating during the mediation.

It all sounds pretty crazy, right? But Ireland’s ex-husband is actually backing her up on this.

Despite any hard feelings over the divorce, Kevin Ireland testified in support of his ex-wife’s story:

Plaintiff Ireland’s ex-husband testified during the trial of the divorce that defendant Moriarty’s behavior during the mediation may have been offensive to others.

Ireland filed a complaint with the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications. That did not help matters. From Courthouse News Service:

In response to her complaint, she says, Moriarty launched his own investigation into her private life and discussed her with the judge presiding over her divorce case and with the opposing counsel. Ireland claims Moriarty used his power to influence her divorce proceeding, to start an ethical investigation of her and to have court personnel write false letters to the commission attacking her and claiming that Moriarty did nothing wrong.

On Nov. 15, 2007, the Kansas Commission on Judicial Qualifications filed an ethical complaint against Ireland, claiming she made false accusations about Moriarty, though it never conducted an investigation into her claims, according to her complaint.

This would not be the first time a state judge got frisky beneath his robes. Longtime ATL readers certainly remember Oklahoma judge Donald Thompson. Thompson was more creative in his treatment of the judicial junk though; he invested in a penis pump to leave both hands free for Lady Justice.

Lawyer Says Judge Masturbated at Mediation & Carried Out Vendetta When She Complained[Courthouse News Service]

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