Family Blames DSS for Ignoring Signs of Child Abuse




Published: October 11, 2009

A Spartanburg family is outraged after they say a social worker ignored signs of abuse.

Investigators arrested Robert Bishop on Wednesday.  He is charged with child abuse of his six week old son.

Peggy Hannah says Allen Bishop is suffering from a fractured skull and broken collar bone.

Hannah says the Department of Social Services should have removed her great nephew from his parent’s custody weeks ago.  “It was three more weeks this baby suffered because the social worker didn’t remove him immediately, “ she said.  Hannah says Allen suffered a large bruise on his face when he was two weeks old.  The infant was rushed to the hospital, but Hannah says the case worker did nothing to protect him.  “I like to know what was going through her head to let that child to go back in that house,“ she said.

News Channel 7 tried to contact D.S.S. but the agency would only confirm the matter is under investigation.

Robert Bishop is out on bond.

An emergency protective custody hearing is scheduled for Monday afternoon.

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