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Victims are having their children forcibly removed /picposedbymodel

Sunday October 4,2009

By Lucy Johnston

VICTIMS of domestic violence are having their children snatched away from them to prevent the youngsters witnessing the abuse.

Last night women’s charities reacted with outrage after the Sunday Express revealed hundreds of children have been forcibly adopted because they were living in a household where their mother’s partner was violent.

Rules introduced by Labour class children as “at risk” if they live in a household where they could witness “ill treatment of others”.

Now one desperate mother has begun a legal battle to have her girls, aged three and six, returned. Neither she nor her partner has been accused of harming them.

Tina, 36, from Brierley Hill, West Midlands, argues she was not given proper support to protect her against her partner Mark.

She reported his abuse to police at least eight times. But each time he was arrested and placed in cells he was given bail by a court and returned to abuse her again.

Tina said: “I needed protection but instead he was repeatedly released and my children were taken from me. I’d do anything to have them back. This is a life sentence.

“By telling the authorities about the abuse I cut my nose off to spite my face. I didn’t stand a chance.”

Tina is trying to revoke the adoption at the Court of Appeal with the help of MP John Hemming, who runs the support group, Justice for Families.

She will use a legal technicality to overturn the court decision arguing that she was not informed court proceedings were taking place.

Birmingham Lib Dem MP Mr Hem

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