Divorce Attorney say Victim Probably Didn't See it Coming


Restraining Order, History of Domestic Violence, and Child Custody. How could the Divorce Atty NOT see it coming? Battering dads will KILL.

BUT- DADDY has his RIGHTS to the children to use to hurt and kill the mothers who dare to leave them.

Police officers found both her and Mickens’ bodies in the children's bedroom.

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he children’s bedroom. Police said it is a murder-

Irene was probably killed between 6 and 9 p.m., Rose said. Police officers found both her and Jamal's bodies in the children’s bedroom. Police said it is a murder-suicide. Irene was shot in the head with a semi-automatic 9 mm handgun.

The couple married in 2001 and separated last Thanksgiving. They were scheduled to appear in court, Thursday, for a divorce hearing.

Irene’s attorney, Regina Edwards said Jamal was in violation of a temporary consent order in the divorce. The couple had agreed that he would pay specific family bills, Edwards said.

“The last couple of months he stopped paying the bills he had to pay. The kids had no health insurance,” she added.

According to Edwards, the couple had decided on an unusual living arrangement for the sake of 7-year-old Evan and 5-year-old Ava. They had joint custody with alternating weeks. The children lived at the Hammond Drive home, but Irene and Jamal alternated living there during their respective weeks of custody. 

A stay-at-home mom, Irene lived in North Carolina during her weeks without the kids, the attorney said.

Jamal had been umemployed for the past two years, Edwards said.

“It’s not common but it was clear they could not live together. They accused each other of domestic violence,” she said.

Irene filed a temporary restraining order in March 2009.

"She never said she feared for her life and I don’t think she did. I don’t think anybody saw this coming,” Edwards said. “He wanted to reconcile at some point and she did not. I don’t think anything like this can ever be explained.”

It was an emotional day for Mickens' family members, divorce attorney Edwards, police and even the public hoping the children would be found safe and sound.

Rose said Irene’s father contacted police shortly before 10 p.m., Wednesday, concerned that he had not heard from his daughter. 

Officer’s found both Irene and Jamal’s vehicles in the condo parking lot and obtained a search warrant to enter the apartment unit, on Thursday morning. 

Officers in a makeshift command center at the building held a tense silence as they listened while investigators entered the unit and found the bodies.

By late Wednesday afternoon, Evan and Ava were with their grandfather and Sandy Springs Police investigators.

Edwards described Irene as a loving and caring mother. And the children had seemed well-adjusted to their parents’ separation.

“They are very beautiful, rambunctious, happy, loving, children. I’m just very thankful that the kids are okay. That’s what’s keeping me going,” Edwards said.

“We believe that he shot her and then shot himself,” said Rose.

Jamal Mickens took his two young children to his sister’s home in McDonough at about 3 p.m., Tuesday. He then phoned his wife, Irene, and lured her to the Hammond Drive highrise, saying one of the kids was sick, said Sandy Springs Police Lt. Steve Rose.

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