Will Judge Stokes Jail Mother Danielle Malmquist --AGAIN?? (another TN Judge that needs to be removed)


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Custody Fight Continues, Mom Jailed3:18 Custody Fight Continues, Mom Jailed

Nasty Divorce Case Still Lingers -Danielle Malmquist still no access to Her Children3:49 Nasty Divorce Case Still Lingers -Danielle Malmquist still no access to Her Children

TN Mom: I cant afford to see my kids4:37 TN Mom: I cant afford to see my kids

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Judge Jerry Stokes accuses mother of his assassination and then when the police refuse to press charges Judge Stokes then takes it upon himself by retaliating from the bench.


Memphis,TN – After three years of a struggling to understand why she has no contact with her children, a mother inadvertently discovered a labyrinthine scheme in which her ex-husband hired someone to fabricate and alert the judge presiding over their lengthy custody battle that she was  plotting to assassinate him.

On one hand, this was simply another of the father’s attempts to gain a tactical advantage; on the other, the situation muddied substantially when the judge, Jerry Stokes then filed criminal charges against her. A full police investigation of the allegations turned up no credible evidence, and the Memphis Police Department inform Judge Stokes that they would not pursue the allegation further. Subsequently, Judge Stokes failed to disclose these events and recuse himself, as judicial ethics would dictate. Instead, he told police not to alert the mother or her legal counsel of the investigation. For the next two years, over hearing after hearing, the mother has been denied access to her children and her rights prior to any hearing taking place in front of Judge Jerry Stokes.

Since the mother’s discovery of the police report over a year after the fact, she has asked Judge Stokes to recuse himself from the pending custody case but he is standing firm, denying any bias and claiming that he never actually believed the threat…………though he did file the police report.

His actions since filing the report include a ruling on February 13, 2009 which prohibits the mother from filing any motions against the father unless she pays the father $1600.00 in sanctions for attempting to collect on past child support the father owed to mother.  Since the injunction has been put into place, the father has taken advantage of the fact that mother cannot hold him in contempt, and thereby refuses to allow her to see her children. The court clerk’s office has been instructed by Judge Stokes not to accept any more filings by the mother. 

Currently, she faces a May 28, 2010 hearing, in which the father is requesting that mother be jailed for non-payment of sanctions. The Judge is charging this mother monetary sanctions for the mother filing motions.  What has our court systems come to when a mother is prohibited from filing motions in an effort to be reunited with her children?  

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