(KS) Eric K Rucker (You have got to be kidding me-)


I just received a phone call from an out of state Co-Blogger as  what we try to is bring down the father hood right movements nationally and the ‘secrecy’ and the veil under which they work..


Mr. Rucker keeps coming up in so many research-

this particular site really rakes.take a look at the faculty on this Christian

LAW CORRESPONDENCE school,,????????  (Oh good GAWD!)

all the faculty but two read about them and you decide,


Rucker, Eric K.

ruckerA graduate of Kansas Wesleyan College (B.A. 1976) and Emporia State University (M.S. 1976), Professor Eric K. Rucker earned his juris doctor at Washburn School of Law in Topeka, Kansas. He is currently Chief Deputy District Attorney/Johnson County, Kansas. Mr. Rucker has served in a variety of government positions, including: Chief Deputy Attorney General of Kansas, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Special Administrative Law Judge for the Department of Human Resources, a Director of the Kansas District and County Attorneys Association, County Commissioner, and was honorably discharged as a Captain, Judge Advocate General Corps, Kansas Army National Guard.

Professor Rucker and his wife, Joan, have three children and live in Topeka, Kansas.


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