By MamaLiberty

When I started this blog, over a year ago, I promised that I would expose every last criminal in family court.  I will continue to keep that promise and Mama Liberty will be expanding to other various outlets to give Mothers a voice even more.  We are United States Citizens with the same rights as any other.

If you do not like what is being exposed about you and your corrupt system then do the right thing and stop abusing your power and feeding your ego!

We have the right to expose any government entity for fraud, abuse or neglect.

You all cannot shut us all up, we have power in numbers

The wind always blows mightily over Kansas as it has for so long,  just ask Dorothy.

Now the winds of change are upon the dirty family court system in Shawnee County.  Well over a decade a Mother in Kansas has fought the court system and its criminals to have visitation with her daughter.

Claudine Dombrowski continues to ask the court to follow the custody guidelines for her visitation time.  In February 2010 a miracle happened when the Judge actually adhered and allowed the now teenage daughter to have unsupervised visitation with her Mother with no interference from the father.

But the continued problems this Mother and Child face is the Guardian Ad Litem for the child, Jill M. Dykes, who wishes nothing more than to keep Claudine from her child.  Instead of trying to assistwith fostering a relationship with the Mother, Dykes wants to stay on this case, she wants more taxpayers money to keep her job.  Within the transcript of a hearing held in 2009 Ms. Dykes ineptness and bias against Claudine Dombrowski is evident. In the below transcript Dykes continues to interrupt the judge and fervently tries to prevent the judge from allowing unsupervised visitation. Dykes other favorite thing is to submit overtime to the county for keeping a parent and child separated.



Much to the dismay of the court system and specifically Jill M. Dykes this Mother is demanding that the statutes be upheld…otherwise they should terminate her parental rights.  It is not something that would be easy for any Mother but perhaps it is the right thing to do, in the best interest of the child and this mother.

They have once again started their campaign to end the unsupervised visits.  In fact what has been learned by this blogger is that is that

“if there is any extended visitation time it would evaporate any progress that the mother and child have made.” 

That is right, you read that right, the court whores are going to make it very difficult for any mother and child relationship.  Therefore until justice is given to Claudine and her child, this blog and others will continue to expose the injustices by Shawnee County and those that profit from it. The winds of change are coming Shawnee…and its a BIG one…watch out for falling houses Jill

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