Apparently you are JUST as stupid as they say Fathers Right FReaks (Stan Rains and ncfcnh@yahoogroups.com)


Well, well look at what I cam across I have many blogs and the original one that you are referring to is this one.

My name is NOT Emily Google AngelFury, Google Anonymoms either way it is with my very distinct pleasure to let you know –again that you are wrong

Now take your little mouse – yes u said ‘little’ highlight the following statement:

Apparently you are JUST as stupid as the say Fathers Rights FReaks (Stan Rains and ncfcnh@yahoogroups.com)

copy and paste it into Google –

hit enter- on your keyboard dork

you will see that you are quite a star in your own right.

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Great idea. I believe we need to go after this she-dog/fem- natzi next.
I almost puked reading this.
http://www.thelizli brary.org/ liz/FRtactic. html#bias
Andy S.

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Just the material you showed from her was grounds for a month study of her at the Belmont-McLean psychiatric clinic.  Feminists always seem disturbed. 

If we could conduct a brain wave activity test of a feminist while they're experiencing a man-hate seizure, we could map out the center of the chaos and burn it down with lazers.  We could call it Crazic therapy.

If we get them all, we could put Frugal Fanny's out of business in one year!
David Johnson

On Apr 20, 2010, at 10:40 AM, Stan Rains <patriotdad2004@ yahoo.com> wrote:

I had nothing to do with this.  But someone obviously found her material vile and objectionable at Wordpress.

Here is what I found when I googled "Mothers Global Justice Alliance":

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