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Rap Sheet As Long As Toilet Paper Strikes Again!

In 1994 3-year-old Devin Brewer of Oakland, California was beaten to death by Curtis Martin III. The child he murdered with his fists was the child his then-girlfriend.

This low-life piece of garbage was allowed to plead the murder of the 3-year old down to voluntary manslaughter and was only sentenced to 11 years in prison. He also has a rap sheet about as long as a roll of toilet paper from robbery, burgalry to weapons charges. Did someone miss the 3 strikes and you are out prison rule? Clearly this dangerous repeat felon was going to strike again. Over the weekend his was arrested.

This past weekend his current girlfield Zoelina Williams was found fatally beaten and her body discovered with a bullet in her head.On Sunday police disovered what looked like her 17-month old child Jashon's body found floating near by dead in the water.

What do I have to say to get people to understand that once someone is an offender, they will do it again. No amount of rehabilitation on this planet will change an individuals violent, controlling and deadly actions.

Believeing that a person with whom you are romatically involved or married too, if they are abusive or have served prison time, you need to get your head out of the clouds and realize you will wind up seriously injured or killed yourself if you do not get the hell out of that toxic and dangerous relationship.

Predicting the behavior of another person is very difficult, especially if the person has promised not to become abusive again. Often it is our hope that things will get better that makes the assessment of risk even more difficult. There are several factors in assessing dangerousness.

These factors suggest a greater risk of continued and/or severe violence. If you can see any of these in your abuser, seriously consider and understand that the abuse will not go away, that it may very well get worst, and that you will never be able to control the situation well enough to ensure your own protection. If you see the first risk factor AND any of the others, then you should know the risk's that you can be severely injured or killed increasesgreatly.

Does your partner has a prior history of domestic violence (that is, partner has been violent with you previously, or has been violent in other relationships this includes family members)

Partner is extremely possessive and jealous :

The person has “possessive beliefs” – that is, strong feelings of ownership about their victim – the risk of fatality doubles. An “insanely jealous” partner may be extremely dangerous – especially if he/she comes to believe that you are not “faithful” or that you are intending to leave.

Partner threatens to kill you or others in your life if you ever leave the relationship:
This is the third most powerful predictor of fatality. While not everyone who threatens to kill their partners follows through with the threat, most of those who do kill have threatened to do so. Take any and all threats seriously. This is not a game. I do not care if the person said it while they were drunk or high-it still counts as a serious threat.

Partner believes you his wife or girlfriend has betrayed him (or her).If the person abusing you views you as having rejected him or her in preference for another partner or for independence, you are at greater risk.

Partner knows you are attempting to leave.If you are in the process of leaving be very careful. The risk of leaving without a concrete safety plan in place increases your chances of remaining alive.This factor represents the dangerousness inherent among some individuals who have a longstanding pattern of criminal behavior. Watch out for partners who have a history of criminal charges against people (like battery, assault).

Be extremely careful when partners appear to have no conscience and no remorse for causing pain to others.If any of these factors are present, there is an increased risk of violence:· Social services has become involved in your family. Your partner believes that you have more status or power than he/she does.

Your partner has lost a job. The legal system is involved in your partner’s life.

You are pregnant or there has been a recent birth of a child.

Your partner has access to weapons.

You are preparing to leave.

Your children are about to be removed.

Your partner is actively seeking information regarding your location.What does this all mean? It means that all violentpartners do not come in some neat package with a warning label attached to their shirt collar. It means that hunk of a man with deep gazing green eyes who makes your knees weak can be a dangerous partner in a relationship and breaking from that spell of lust/love is a difficult undertaking. Given that we can often under-estimate the level of danger to ourselves, it is time you take seriously the personal safety for you and your children. Go to the library and pick up a copy of Defending Our Lives or Moving Out Moving On and begin formulating a plan.

At the library find out if there are tapes on self defense that you can watch in a private room in the library.

Doing nothing will get you killed, and then Time's Up!


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