Parents Seeking Access to Avoid Child Support


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Parents Seeking Access to Avoid Child Support


In a submission which closed today, parents told the Attorney General they would rather forego child support payments if it helps them to keep their children safe.

The Family Court Violence Review was instigated by the Attorney General Robert McClelland after the tragic death of Darcey Freeman from the Westgate Bridge after the family said the Court had failed them.

The National Council for Children Post-Separation (NCCPS) has asked that child support payments be decoupled from access.

Currently, if a parent wants to save their child from unwanted contact visits by foregoing child support payments, they are financially penalized by the Child Support Agency system, losing some of their Centrelink payments.

'What we are hearing is that violent or controlling ex-spouse are demanding equal time with their children to avoid having make child support payments,' said Barbara Biggs, Convenor of the NCCPS.

'The trauma involved in access visits, for both the child and the exiting spouse, simply so one parent can avoid CSA payments, is an unfair and unnecessary burden on the child. Protective parents, often victims of domestic violence are telling us they don't want the money at the expense of putting their child in danger of abuse.'

Almost 4000 parents have signed a petition calling for changes to the Family Law Act where domestic violence and abuse is a problem.

In it's submission, the NCCPS also called for access post-separation to take into account whether or not parents have demonstrated in the marriage they have cared for the child in a signficant way.

'Some parents abandoned their spouse while pregnant and years later seek shared care when the child does not even know the parent. This is traumatizing for the child, especially if they are pre-school age,' said Ms Biggs.

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