Craig Hensburger Has Daughter’s Mother Thrown in Jail Because Daughter Refuses to Be With Abuser


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Craig Hensburger Has Daughter’s Mother Thrown in Jail Because Daughter Refuses to Be With Abuser

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Thanks to Wisconsin’s Judge David Miron, the biggest idiot in the state.


Lorraine Tipton was confined in the Oconto County, Wisconsin jail yesterday, November 12th.  She presented some excellent evidence in Judge David Miron’s court of daughter’s dad drinking alcohol to excess (including pics) and under examination, daughter’s dad revealed that he drank to excess one evening and then drove away from the bar.  This admission, coupled with the dad’s chronic alcohol related arrest record, was not enough to sway the judge to do any more than admonish the father.  Judge Miron did not want therapy for daughter’s father, he simply wanted daughter reunited with her father, sentencing Lorraine to thirty days in jail to make this happen.

Craig Hensburger has driven drunk with the daughter in the car before, and forced her to wait in the car as he and his mother were getting drunk in the bar.  The daughter observed Grandma being so drunk when leaving, she got into the wrong car.  Craig Hansburger then drove them all home in this state.  This was not the only time.  Once at their home, the daughter is forced to sleep on the floor.  Even though they are at Grandma’s house, she is afraid to sleep in the basement.   There has been substantiated sexual abuse charges against Craig Hensburger against his daughter, but nobody will do anything about them.

So this young lady waits while the courts jail her mother.  The daughter refuses, and mommy gets jailed.  If the daughter does not go to visit drunken abuser Craig Hensberger, Lorraine sits in jail, having concurrent sentences placed on her head.

What can we do?  For starters:

1.  Please sign the online petition here for her here.

2.  Email Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle and let him know moms don’t belong in jail when child victims refuse to be with abusers.  Email site is here.

3.  Please say a prayer for Lorraine and her daughter.  This is a lot to put on an 11 year old’s head.

Craig Hensberger has a history of being a corrupt bastard:

Same fish, different derby

Updated: Saturday, 14 Mar 2009, 12:27 PM CDT
Published : Friday, 13 Mar 2009, 9:34 PM CDT

OCONTO COUNTY – In Northeast Wisconsin, you generally don’t have to look too far to find a fishing derby.

And about a month ago, 10-year-old Michaela Hensberger went to three derbies in one weekend.

“For me it’s really hard to believe, my eyes can see it, it actually happened,” said Michaela.

Michaela says her dad registered her in three fishing derbies. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources says they went to one derby in Townsend, where they won $25 with a prized walleye, another in Shawano that same day, where they won $100, and the following day, they went back to Townsend, and won another $25.

The problem is the DNR says Michaela did not catch the winning fish in those tournaments, but her dad, Craig Hensberger, caught the 8 1/4-pound fish on Anderson Lake and entered it in three different fishing tournaments, taking home a total of $150.

“We’re very concerned about the transport of live fish and water from our area waterways,” said DNR warden Mark Schraufnagel.

The DNR investigated, and gave Craig Hensberger a ticket for $329 for transporting a live fish away from a waterway or surrounding shores. The DNR says transporting a live fish can spread invasive species or VHS, an infectious fish disease.

Though local sheriff’s departments are not investigating the incident, Michaela Hensberger says she learned a valuable lesson.

“It felt wrong to lie to those people that I caught that fish,” said Michaeala.

Lorraine Tipton, Michaela’s mother, tells FOX 11, “That’s the lesson I guess in the story is to tell the truth and she knows right from wrong, a 46-year-old man doesn’t.”

FOX 11 tried to reach Craig Hensberger, but we were unable to.

As for the $150 won in the fishing derbies, the clubs and the DNR say that money has not been returned. As for the walleye that won those derbies, Hensberger has taken it to the taxidermist to have it mounted.

This is Lorraine’s contact information while in Jail for those wanting to support her via mailings…

Lorraine Tipton c/o
Oconto County Jail
301 Washington St
Oconto, WI 54153
(920) 834-6918

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