FATHER Killed Estranged Wife in Divorce to be Free of Child Support


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SILVERTHORNE - After more than two months, a grand jury has indicted the husband of a woman who left her house in Silverthorne in November 2010 and never came back.

On Wednesday, the grand jury, which convened in May, indicted Dale Bruner in the death of his wife, Stephanie Roller Bruner, on charges of second-degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault and three counts of tampering with physical evidence.

Dale Bruner reported his wife missing on Nov. 23, 2010, just before Thanksgiving.

Dale Bruner told police the two had a fight and she left the house late at night for a walk.

In an e-mail he said, "Just let everyone know that we are relieved that the grand jury has made a decision and the police have arrested the suspected murderer of Stephanie. We remain sad that it is Dale, Stephanie's husband and father of her three wonderful children. The children are about to experience yet another 'worse day of their lives,' but because the police have been thorough and the DA has been patient we can tell the children with confidence that their dad is being treated fairly."

The couple has three small children who are now in the care of Stephanie's brother Aaron Roller who lives in California.

Dale Bruner was taken into custody on Wednesday and is being held in the Summit County Jail on a $50,000 bond.

After days of searching Roller Bruner's body was found blocks from her home in the Blue River on Nov. 26 2010. An autopsy showed she was killed by blunt force trauma and drowning.

After days of search
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