15 year old Son calls 911 on Father Requesting Help for Being BEATEN


The teen told dispatchers his father hit him in the past and that he was held up against a wall and verbally abused.

FATHER arrested for 'possession of marijuana'.

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Jeffrey Scott George, 34, was charged with felony possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia after his son called police requesting help at their 311 E. McKnight St. home, according to Murfreesboro Police. The teen told dispatchers his father hit him in the past and that he was held up against a wall and verbally abused.

Officer Matt Roe reported he responded to the teen's home in reference to the child abuse allegations and was given permission to enter the home by George's son, who is not being identified due to his juvenile status. George's son led Roe to the room where his father was located and the officer knocked on the door.


The woman is not being identified since she hasn't yet been charged with a crime, though police have said charges are pending against her.

"When it opened I noticed an obvious odor of marijuana coming from the room and I observed what appeared to be a grow operation in the corner of the room," Roe wrote in a police report, adding a woman at the home and George immediately came toward him and pushed him away from the room. "I had (the woman) and George walk outside with me while I waited for another unit to arrive on scene."

While outside waiting for the other officers, Roe reported, George was questioned about the abuse allegations. George denied that he had ever threatened or assaulted his son.

"During my conversation with George and (the woman), George's son walked outside carrying a marijuana plant in a small flower pot," Roe said, adding two other officers arrived at the home at that time.

The officers requested to search George's house. He at first denied the request, but later gave consent to a Murfreesboro Police supervisor when told officers would secure the area around his home until a warrant could be obtained.

Police found two separate marijuana grow operations during the search of George's home, according to police. Both were in his room.

"The investigation into the child abuse is currently under way because, upon my arrival to the scene, there were two other juveniles in the residence, a juvenile male and juvenile female," Roe reported. "I contacted DCS (the Tennessee Department of Children's Services) and made a referral."

As a result of the search, George was arrested and booked into the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center. The mother of George's son picked the teen up from the home, according to Roe.

MURFREESBORO — The father of a 15-year-old boy was arrested on drug charges Monday after his son called police to report he was being abused, according to police.
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