Father accused of raping daughter says he hears voices, has blackouts


Talk about 'excuses'-- schizophrenia (the only mental illness with auditory hallucinations e.g. 'voices') Raping your daughter is not a symptom of Schizophrenia.

He's looking for a way out-- he will find it-- after all -it is only her daddy, and this is what daddy's do. Ask any family court judge, then they will give him custody.

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The little girl was sleeping when someone grabbed her by the neck, carried her out of the house and placed her in a vehicle.

Sometime later she was removed from the vehicle. She fell asleep and woke up lying in the grass underneath a couch.

She screamed, but didn't think anyone could hear her. She pushed the couch up, first to get her arms out, then her knees and finally her entire body.

The girl said she didn't know who had taken her.

Her description of the night she was kidnapped was included in 240 pages of redacted investigative reports filed by deputies in Kern County Superior Court in connection with her father, Ray Salvador Coriell. He's charged with eight felonies, including the rape and attempted murder of his then 7-year-old daughter, who he allegedly left underneath a sofa in a dirt field in east Bakersfield following last week's assault.

The Californian identified the girl in early reports of her disappearance when law enforcement sought the public's help in finding her. She is no longer being named because of the assault allegations.

The reports, which became available Friday, also shed some light on Coriell's state of mind. He told detectives he was raped for several years by a relative, the abuse beginning when he was 9 years old, the reports say.

"I see those memories every day," the reports say Coriell told detectives following his July 28 arrest.

He also told detectives that he hears voices all the time and sometimes blacks out and doesn't remember what he's done, the reports say. While he didn't describe assaulting his daughter, he indicated he was the person who kidnapped and assaulted her.

Coriell repeatedly told detectives he's sorry for what happened, and he hopes his daughter can someday forgive him, the reports say.

They asked him if he'll be able to promise the girl he'll never sexually assault her again, if he'll "be able to repair that bridge."

Coriell, crying, responded, "I hope so, I hope I can," the reports say.

When asked to describe what happened with his daughter, Coriell responded, "I have bits and pieces," the reports say. The detectives asked him for whatever he could remember.

Coriell, 29, said he had a flashback while sleeping that night, and when he woke up he needed to get out of bed, according to the reports. He said he was sweating and had to move around.

He told the detectives he remembered walking to the room where his daughter was sleeping, the reports say. He then walked away and got some milk, but then he returned to the girl's room.

Coriell said he remembered standing there looking into her room and then everything "went black," the reports say.

The next thing he remembered was "my wife calling me and I was talking to her and I looked around where I was at, out in a fricking field," the reports say. His wife told him the daughter was missing, and Coriell said it "felt like a rock in my gut."

Coriell said he remembered the couch in the field, and moving it, the reports say. He said he threw a cushion and heard a girl's voice.

Detectives asked him if he'll be able to admit his problem and repair his family.

"I'm going to have to, I can't live a life time like now with nightmares, I hope my daughter doesn't have the same feeling," Coriell responded, according to the reports.

The daughter's disappearance July 27 terrified residents in the area of central Bakersfield where Coriell lived with his wife and five children. Some wondered if a stranger had kidnapped the daughter and might strike again, while others were puzzled how anyone could get into the Coriell home, which has a wall around it, several dogs inside and an alarm system.

The girl was reported missing by her stepmother and turned up six hours later in east Bakersfield, nine miles from her home, deputies have said. Investigators discovered she had been sexually assaulted, and had suffered injuries requiring surgery.

On July 28, Coriell texted his wife a message from their house in the 600 block of Loch Lomond Drive indicating he might harm himself, deputies have said. Law enforcement surrounded the house.

During the standoff, Coriell and his wife exchanged numerous text messages. Following are some of the messages listed in the reports filed in court:

* 2:16 p.m., text sent by Coriell: "(The voices) are real. You don't believe me. God speaks to me everyday. He is saying it is me, it is time."

* unknown time, text sent by wife: "You can't do anything until I see you. You are my husband. I have to see you. I have to see your face."

* 2:21 p.m., text sent by Coriell: "God says to stay away from this house. God says its (sic) not your decision."

Coriell texted his wife that he was raped by a relative, and he hears "demons" in his head, the reports say. He also texted her that either the deputies shoot him or he'd shoot himself.

Coriell texted the following at one point: ..."my head hurts and has so much anger, the voices are getting stronger, God needs me to be with him today."

Then, "God is the only one who can hear me now, I want you and (the girl) to seek treatment and keep me in your heart."

After seven hours, Coriell surrendered to deputies. He's being held without bail.

Coriell's next court hearing is Sept. 9.

Meanwhile, the girl and her siblings have been placed in protective custody at the Jamison Center.

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